Panasonic patents granted on 28 April 2015

70 US patents granted on 28 April 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D727,999 Projector
2 D727,998 Projector
3 D727,991 Monitoring camera
4 D727,968 Digital video disc player
5 D727,849 Socket for light-emitting diode lamp
6 9,021,568 Verification method for verifying validity of program, and verification system
7 9,021,395 Display control device, integrated circuit, and display control method
8 9,021,318 Voice processing apparatus and method for detecting and correcting errors in voice data
9 9,021,302 Load control system
10 9,020,855 Recording/reproducing device, communication device, program, system LSI
11 9,020,661 Vehicle controller
12 9,020,651 Utilization start interval prediction device and utilization start interval prediction method
13 9,020,568 Mobile device
14 9,020,432 Mobile communication device, communication method, integrated circuit, and program
15 9,020,329 Signal processing device
16 9,020,273 Image processing method, image processor, integrated circuit, and program
17 9,020,264 Image management device, image management method, program, recording medium, and integrated circuit
18 9,020,241 Image providing device, image providing method, and image providing program for providing past-experience images
19 9,020,166 Volume amplitude limiting device
20 9,020,159 Noise reduction device
21 9,020,064 Multilevel signal transmission system capable of accurately determining voltage levels of transmitted multilevel data signal
22 9,020,047 Image decoding device
23 9,020,041 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
24 9,020,040 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
25 9,019,989 Bandwidth allocation method of wirelessly transmitting AV stream data in wireless communication system including coordinator device
26 9,019,982 Wireless communication base station device, wireless communication terminal device and CCE allocation method
27 9,019,925 Integrated circuit for channel arrangement and radio communication
28 9,019,922 Base station, terminal, transmission method and reception method
29 9,019,920 Integrated circuit for communication resource allocation
30 9,019,906 Wireless base station apparatus, wireless terminal apparatus, frequency resource allocation method, and method of forming transmission signal
31 9,019,861 Base station and communication system
32 9,019,747 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and write method for the same
33 9,019,625 Lens advancing device, imaging device equipped with lens advancing device, and portable electronic device
34 9,019,604 Stereoscopic image viewing device
35 9,019,412 Information communication method for selecting between visible light communication mode and normal imaging mode
36 9,019,325 Liquid crystal display device
37 9,019,277 Curve-dividing device, curve-dividing method, curve-dividing program and integrated circuit
38 9,019,217 Touch input location correction device, input device, touch input location correction method, and program and integrated circuit used for touch input location correction apparatus
39 9,019,163 Small antenna apparatus operable in multiple bands including low-band frequency and high-band frequency with ultra wide bandwidth
40 9,019,142 Solid-state imaging device, imaging system, and method for driving solid-state imaging device
41 9,019,006 Reference voltage stabilizer circuit and integrated circuit including the same
42 9,018,922 Capacitor device
43 9,018,901 Electrical power receiving apparatus and electrical power receiving method
44 9,018,879 Electric compressor
45 9,018,872 Motor control circuit
46 9,018,860 LED lighting device
47 9,018,834 Organic light emitting device
48 9,018,761 Semiconductor device
49 9,018,709 Semiconductor device
50 9,018,704 Thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
51 9,018,699 Silicon carbide semiconductor element and method for fabricating the same
52 9,018,658 Optical semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
53 9,018,656 Light emitting device
54 9,018,634 Semiconductor device
55 9,018,042 Method for fabricating a chip having a water-repellent obverse surface and a hydrophilic reverse surface
56 9,018,035 Pressed-contact type semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
57 9,018,031 Manufacturing method of solid-state image sensor
58 9,017,865 Lithium primary battery and method of producing same
59 9,017,822 Wiring member, resin-coated metal part and resin-sealed semiconductor device, and manufacturing method for the resin-coated metal part and the resin-sealed semiconductor device
60 9,017,807 Transparent conductive film, substrate with transparent conductive film, and organic electroluminescence element using the same
61 9,017,269 Bioacoustic processing apparatus and bioacoustic processing method
62 9,016,962 Cover and imaging apparatus
63 9,016,900 Light bulb shaped lamp and lighting apparatus
64 9,016,882 Strobe device
65 9,016,627 System and method for providing an integrated user interface system at a seat
66 9,016,568 Reader device, data processing apparatus mounted with the same and genuine/counterfeit judgment method
67 9,016,197 Screen printer and method for detecting amount of residual paste
68 9,015,932 Connecting method of electronic component
69 9,015,928 Electronic component mounting apparatus
70 9,015,900 Device for indicating amount of collected dust, and electric cleaner with same