Panasonic patents granted on 28 August 2012

61 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE43,614 Base station apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and communication method
2 8,255,935 Slot-in type disk apparatus in which a disk is directly operated by a lever
3 8,255,927 Event processor
4 8,255,756 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless LAN system, interference detecting method, and interference avoidance method
5 8,255,590 Image file transfer apparatus that detect whether transferred image files to an external device has been aborted or not
6 8,255,533 Wireless communication system, communication terminal, management terminal, communication method, and integrated circuit
7 8,255,433 Recorder
8 8,255,421 Communication assistance device, communication assistance method, and communication assistance program
9 8,255,222 Speech separating apparatus, speech synthesizing apparatus, and voice quality conversion apparatus
10 8,255,213 Speech decoding apparatus, speech encoding apparatus, and lost frame concealment method
11 8,255,210 Audio/music decoding device and method utilizing a frame erasure concealment utilizing multiple encoded information of frames adjacent to the lost frame
12 8,254,929 Mobile communication method and mobile communication apparatus
13 8,254,772 Imaging apparatus and interchangeable lens
14 8,254,468 Video coding distortion removal method and apparatus using a filter
15 8,254,451 Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image coding integrated circuit, and camera
16 8,254,448 Moving picture display apparatus
17 8,254,447 Moving picture stream generation apparatus, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture multiplexing apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus
18 8,254,446 Moving picture stream generation apparatus, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture multiplexing apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus
19 8,254,437 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and communication system
20 8,254,421 Wavelength conversion laser light source, and laser light source device and two-dimensional image display device adopting the same
21 8,254,415 Short wavelength light source and optical device
22 8,254,335 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
23 8,254,311 Binding update method, mobile terminal, home agent, and binding update system
24 8,254,239 Complex objective lens including saw-tooth diffractive element for using on blue, red and infrared lights
25 8,254,234 Information recording medium evaluation method, information recording medium, method for manufacturing information recording medium, signal processing method and access control apparatus
26 8,254,233 Information recording device, information reproducing device, and information recording medium
27 8,254,220 Objective lens actuator
28 8,254,216 Content dubbing system, content recording apparatus and content dubbing method
29 8,254,209 Acoustic wave sensor
30 8,253,888 Liquid crystal display device
31 8,253,873 Liquid crystal display device having first, second, and third transparent electrodes that form first and second storage capacitors
32 8,253,833 Solid-state imaging device driving method
33 8,253,823 Camera body, interchangeable lens, and imaging apparatus
34 8,253,819 Electronic camera and image processing method
35 8,253,818 Pixel shift type imaging device
36 8,253,816 Video signal processing for generating a level mixed signal
37 8,253,670 Liquid crystal display device
38 8,253,578 Smoke sensor of the sound wave type including a smoke density estimation unit
39 8,253,564 Predicting a future location of a moving object observed by a surveillance device
40 8,253,544 Remote control device, remote control method, and remote-controllable device
41 8,253,492 Variable gain amplifier
42 8,253,367 Control apparatus, control method, and control program for elastic actuator drive mechanism
43 8,253,351 Electronic ballast with multimode lamp power control
44 8,253,333 Plasma display panel having an mgO crystal layer for improved discharge characteristics and method of manufacturing same
45 8,253,220 Nitride semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
46 8,253,180 Semiconductor device
47 8,253,136 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
48 8,253,131 Organic EL display panel and manufacturing method thereof
49 8,253,082 Magnetron driving power source
50 8,253,033 Circuit board with connection layer with fillet
51 8,252,612 Organic EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
52 8,252,462 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
53 8,252,456 Battery outer label and battery provided with the same
54 8,252,447 Portable power source and portable power source system
55 8,251,682 Multi stage rotary expander and refrigeration cycle apparatus with the same
56 8,251,602 Intermediate adapter and camera system
57 8,251,521 Projector having a projection angle adjusting mechanism
58 8,251,420 Joint mechanism and joint device
59 8,251,136 Cooling device
60 8,250,932 Gas meter and gas security system
61 8,250,730 Method and apparatus for disassembling display device