Panasonic patents granted on 28 December 2010

77 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE42,019 Distribution system, semiconductor memory card, receiving apparatus, computer-readable recording medium and receiving method
2 RE42,009 Piezoelectric resonator having a spurious component control layer, filter using the piezoelectric resonator, and duplexer using the piezoelectric resonator
3 7,861,264 Television receiver and system including the same
4 7,861,202 Cell arrangement method for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
5 7,861,183 Guidance display device
6 7,861,146 Viterbi decoding apparatus and Viterbi decoding method
7 7,861,142 Information recording disc, recording and/or reproducing device and method
8 7,861,127 Device remote monitor/recovery system
9 7,861,101 Reconfigurable signal processor
10 7,861,012 Data transmitting device and data transmitting method
11 7,861,010 Operation monitor system, semiconductor apparatus, and information collection apparatus
12 7,860,980 Information processing device, server, communication system, address decision method, address modification method, and program
13 7,860,940 System and method for bus transmission cancellation
14 7,860,926 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method, and program
15 7,860,721 Audio encoding device, decoding device, and method capable of flexibly adjusting the optimal trade-off between a code rate and sound quality
16 7,860,600 Method of determining pickup order of components
17 7,860,547 Visceral fat measuring apparatus, visceral fat measuring method, program, and recording medium
18 7,860,376 Content delivery apparatus and content reproduction apparatus
19 7,860,374 Information recording method, format changing method, and information reproduction method
20 7,860,370 Reproduction apparatus for shortening a user’s waiting time until reproducing a beginning of a part that the user wants to view, and a reproduction method and computer readable recording medium having a program recorded thereon for performing the same
21 7,860,352 Light-collecting apparatus and contact-type solid-state imaging apparatus using the same
22 7,860,339 Visual processing device, visual processing method, visual processing program, intergrated circuit, display device, image-capturing device, and portable information terminal
23 7,860,255 Content distribution server, key assignment method, content output apparatus, and key issuing center
24 7,860,184 Multi-antenna communication method and multi-antenna communicaton apparatus
25 7,860,162 Object tracking method and object tracking apparatus
26 7,860,160 Video encoding device
27 7,860,159 Quantization matrix for still and moving picture coding
28 7,860,139 Semiconductor laser device
29 7,860,052 Happy bit setting in a mobile communication system
30 7,860,051 Apparatus and method for radio communication using spatial multiplexing
31 7,860,047 Wireless communication apparatus and comunication quality estimating method
32 7,860,021 Apparatus, system and method for maintaining communication between an information processing device and a server
33 7,859,981 Write-once recording medium, recording method, recording apparatus, reproduction method, and reproduction apparatus
34 7,859,980 Optical pickup device and information processor
35 7,859,972 Holographic optical information recording/reproducing device and holographic optical information recording/reproducing method
36 7,859,855 Module and mounted structure using the same
37 7,859,828 Electrolytic solution for electrolytic capacitor, and electrolytic capacitor using the same
38 7,859,776 Prism, imaging device and lighting device including the same, and prism manufacturing method
39 7,859,772 Composite optical element and method for manufacturing the same
40 7,859,707 Printer
41 7,859,695 Remote copying method and computer program
42 7,859,610 Planar lighting and LCD device with a laser light source emitting a linearly-polarized laser beam, optical member to parallelize the beam and a plate-shaped light guide for emitting part of the beam
43 7,859,587 Solid-state image pickup device
44 7,859,586 Solid-state imaging device, its production method, camera with the solid-state imaging device, and light receiving chip
45 7,859,584 Camera system
46 7,859,568 Image capturing processing method and system for performing roll correction
47 7,859,490 Current drive device
48 7,859,467 Radio machine antenna device and portable radio machine
49 7,859,459 Phased array receivers and methods employing phase shifting downconverters
50 7,859,373 Contact device
51 7,859,342 Differential amplifier circuit, operational amplifier circuit, light-receiving amplifier circuit using the same, function selection circuit, and light-receiving circuit using the same
52 7,859,310 Semiconductor integrated circuit
53 7,859,229 Discharge device
54 7,859,205 Motor drive apparatus and motor drive method
55 7,859,174 Metal vapor discharge lamp
56 7,859,167 Micro actuator having tilt and vertical displacement and device having such micro actuator
57 7,859,087 Semiconductor device
58 7,859,084 Semiconductor substrate
59 7,859,058 Semiconductor device having a SRAM with a substrate contact and method for fabricating the same
60 7,859,032 Solid-state imaging device and method for driving the same
61 7,859,030 Heterojunction bipolar transistor and fabrication method of the same
62 7,859,023 Standard cell and semiconductor device including the same
63 7,859,002 Light-emitting device
64 7,858,968 Field effect transistor and method of fabricating the same
65 7,858,537 Plasma processing method and apparatus
66 7,858,479 Method and apparatus of fabricating semiconductor device
67 7,858,290 Information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
68 7,858,242 Electrolytic solution for an electrochemical capacitor and an electrochemical capacitor using the same
69 7,858,232 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
70 7,858,231 Current collector sheet and electrochemical device
71 7,858,217 Top sealing plate, battery using the top sealing plate, and method of manufacturing the battery
72 7,858,155 Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
73 7,858,053 Etching apparatus and etching method for substrate bevel
74 7,857,963 Electrode plate for electrochemical measurements
75 7,857,675 Plasma display panel and method for producing the same
76 7,857,653 Cover opening and closing device with an integral turn regulating portion
77 7,857,461 Projector and projection method