Panasonic patents granted on 28 June 2016

47 US patents granted on 28 June 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,380,697 Electronic device and manufacturing method for same
2 9,380,667 Illumination device and illumination fixture
3 9,380,661 Lighting source and lighting apparatus
4 9,380,660 Electronic ballast and luminaire with the same
5 9,380,574 Terminal apparatus and control channel decoding method
6 9,380,572 Base station, mobile station, coordinated mobile station, transmission method and reception method
7 9,380,529 Wireless access point terminal and connection control method
8 9,380,278 Video projection device and method with control of light source based on image signal
9 9,380,227 Information communication method for obtaining information using bright line image
10 9,380,055 Device control method, device management system, and in-house server apparatus connected to device management system
11 9,379,983 Router, method for controlling router, and computer program
12 9,379,974 Transfer control device, integrated circuit thereof, transfer control method, and transfer control system
13 9,379,870 Search space reconfiguration for enhanced-PDCCH
14 9,379,861 Radio base station apparatus, radio terminal apparatus and wireless communication method
15 9,379,845 Transmission device, reception device, transmission method, and reception method
16 9,379,803 Antenna switching device
17 9,379,684 Recorder
18 9,379,681 Rectifier circuit for monitoring DC offset of a single-supply audio power amplifier
19 9,379,593 Vehicle drive device
20 9,379,547 Appliance control system
21 9,379,511 Laser oscillator and laser machining apparatus
22 9,379,415 Entire solid lithium secondary battery
23 9,379,414 Entire solid lithium secondary battery
24 9,379,376 Positive electrode containing lithium nickel composite oxide for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same, and method for producing the same
25 9,379,359 Organic electroluminescence element and lighting device using same
26 9,379,301 Method for manufacturing pipe-shaped thermal power generation device
27 9,379,284 Nitride semiconductor light emitting chip, and nitride semiconductor light emitting device
28 9,379,268 Solar cell module and method of manufacturing the same
29 9,379,267 Solar cell module
30 9,379,049 Semiconductor apparatus
31 9,378,817 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory element writing method and variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
32 9,378,725 Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic flow meter including ultrasonic transducer
33 9,378,710 Display device
34 9,378,552 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
35 9,378,166 Slave device, master device, communication system, and communication method
36 9,377,969 Information processing device, information processing method, and information storage medium, including storage of information indicating which medium among plural media has a recording failure area and a position in the medium of the recording failure area
37 9,377,946 On-board apparatus
38 9,377,944 Information processing device, information processing method, and information processing program
39 9,377,856 Electronic device including inertial force sensor capable of detecting multiple inertial forces
40 9,377,803 Voltage control apparatus, voltage control method, and power regulating apparatus
41 9,377,639 Transmitter and transmitting method
42 9,377,638 Transmitter, transmitting method, and receiving method
43 9,377,408 Sample-holding carrier and fluorescence detection device using same
44 9,376,617 Fluorescent material and light-emitting device
45 9,376,056 Power supply device and illumination device for vehicle using same
46 9,375,915 Screen printing machine and screen printing method
47 9,375,914 Paste supply apparatus, screen printing machine, paste supply method and screen printing method