Panasonic patents granted on 29 March 2011

62 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE42,263 Address conversion unit for memory device
2 D635,281 Light emitting diode lamp
3 D635,173 Surveillance camera
4 D635,118 Telephone base unit
5 D635,095 Outlet
6 D635,094 Outlet
7 D635,093 Outlet
8 7,917,764 Signature generation device and signature verification device
9 7,917,570 Sensor device which measures surrounding conditions and obtains a newly measured value, retrieval device which utilizes a network to search sensor devices, and relay device which relays a communication between the sensor device and the retrieval device
10 7,917,252 Load controlling device, load controlling method, load controlling circuit, load controlling program, and computer-readable recording medium where load controlling program is recorded
11 7,917,237 Receiving apparatus, sending apparatus and transmission system
12 7,917,102 Radio transmitting apparatus and radio transmission method
13 7,917,038 Multimode optical transmission device
14 7,917,024 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
15 7,917,005 Information recording device, information recording method, information recording program and recording medium
16 7,917,000 Video recording apparatus, multiplexing method, picture encoding method, program, and recording medium for variable frame-rate recording
17 7,916,967 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
18 7,916,949 Method of inspecting granular material and inspection device for conducting that method
19 7,916,899 Monitoring system and vehicle surrounding monitoring system
20 7,916,867 Content receiving apparatus
21 7,916,782 Picture coding method, picture decoding method, picture coding apparatus, picture decoding apparatus, and program thereof
22 7,916,770 Method of generating spreading codes, CDMA transmission apparatus, and CDMA reception apparatus
23 7,916,712 Communication system, mobile terminal and access router
24 7,916,702 Dynamic network management apparatus and dynamic network management method
25 7,916,674 Method and apparatus for intermittent communication
26 7,916,654 Communication terminal and method used therein
27 7,916,607 Optical disc drive
28 7,916,591 Recordable optical disc, optical disc recording apparatus, optical disc reproduction apparatus, and method for recording data onto recordable optical disc
29 7,916,590 Method for optimizing recording pulse condition in data recording onto optical information recording media
30 7,916,588 Control apparatus, control method, access apparatus, access method, program, and write-once recording medium
31 7,916,561 DLL circuit, imaging device, and memory device
32 7,916,549 Memory self-test circuit, semiconductor device and IC card including the same, and memory self-test method
33 7,916,516 Nonvolatile memory apparatus and method for writing data in nonvolatile memory apparatus
34 7,916,509 Power supply with reduced switching losses by decreasing the switching frequency
35 7,916,456 Solid electrolytic capacitor having carbon layer, containing carbon particles and additive, on solid electrolyte layer, and method of manufacturing the same
36 7,916,454 Capacitor
37 7,916,452 Method of producing a coin-type electrochemical element
38 7,916,419 Posture adjustment method of magnetic head
39 7,916,205 Pickup device driving apparatus and photographing device using the same
40 7,916,185 Wide dynamic range image capturing apparatus
41 7,916,177 Image-capturing apparatus, image-capturing method and program for detecting and correcting image blur
42 7,915,969 Distortion compensating circuit
43 7,915,832 Plasma display panel drive circuit and plasma display apparatus
44 7,915,828 High-voltage pulse generator, and lighting apparatus and vehicle having the same
45 7,915,714 Semiconductor light emitting element and wafer
46 7,915,697 Sensor device and fabrication method for the same
47 7,915,687 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
48 7,915,656 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
49 7,915,646 Nitride semiconductor material, semiconductor element, and manufacturing method thereof
50 7,915,633 Nitride semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
51 7,915,369 Ultraviolet transmissive polyhedral silsesquioxane polymers
52 7,915,131 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
53 7,915,051 Biosensor and blood component analytical method
54 7,914,953 Photomask and pattern formation method using the same
55 7,914,930 Method for producing non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
56 7,914,923 Cell, connected-cell body, and battery module using the same
57 7,914,917 Hybrid power supply unit
58 7,914,597 Dust collector
59 7,914,427 Exercise assisting apparatus
60 7,914,356 Method of manufacturing plasma display panel
61 7,914,154 Image projection device, image projection screen and image display system
62 7,913,575 Ultrasonic flow rate measuring device