Panasonic patents granted on 29 September 2015

39 US patents granted on 29 September 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,706 OFDM signal transmission system, portable terminal and E-commerce system
2 RE45,695 Optical disc
3 9,148,967 Electronic device
4 9,148,905 Wireless communication apparatus , wireless communication system and wireless communication method
5 9,148,881 Base station device, terminal device, resource allocation method and response signal transmission method
6 9,148,826 Handover method and mobile terminal and home agent used in the method
7 9,148,705 Wireless terminal, wireless communication system, and wireless communication control device
8 9,148,653 Stereo image processing device and stereo image processing method
9 9,148,640 Image editing apparatus and thumbnail generating method
10 9,148,633 Imaging apparatus and method of calculating color temperature
11 9,148,610 Video reception device and image recognition method for received video
12 9,148,563 Imaging device for performing processing of image data on the basis of priority
13 9,148,268 Mobile station and reception method
14 9,148,267 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
15 9,148,128 Method and apparatus for utilizing modulation based audio correlation technique for maintaining dynamic FM station list in single tuner variant and assisting alternate frequency switching methodology in single tuner and dual tuner variants
16 9,148,089 Transmitting apparatus and transmission method
17 9,148,020 Method of controlling a battery, computer readable recording medium, electric power generation system and device controlling a battery
18 9,148,018 Power supply device, power storage device, and power control device
19 9,147,807 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode
20 9,147,804 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting element and light source including the nitride semiconductor light-emitting element
21 9,147,722 Thin-film semiconductor substrate, light-emitting panel, and method of manufacturing the thin-film semiconductor substrate
22 9,147,617 Resin coating device and a resin coating method
23 9,147,396 Voice recognition device and voice recognition method
24 9,147,392 Speech synthesis device and speech synthesis method
25 9,147,347 Vehicle direction identification device, vehicle direction identification method and program therefor
26 9,147,278 Parallax image generation device, parallax image generation method, program, and integrated circuit
27 9,147,231 Resolution determination device, image processing device, and image display apparatus
28 9,147,121 Person detection device and person detection method
29 9,146,693 Storage control device, storage system, and storage control method
30 9,146,568 Power supply voltage regulating apparatus, integrated circuit, and electronic apparatus
31 9,146,453 Light-emitting device and projection apparatus
32 9,146,426 Liquid crystal display device
33 9,146,348 Optical-electrical composite flexible circuit substrate including optical circuit and electrical circuit
34 9,146,310 Object detection device and illumination system provided therewith
35 9,145,579 Analyzing device
36 9,145,572 Observation system, recording medium, and control method of observation system
37 9,144,877 Machining method and machining device of component
38 9,144,781 Fuel processing device
39 9,144,475 Curable composition and cured product for dental use