Panasonic patents granted on 30 August 2011

52 US patents granted on 30 August 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D644,257 Autonomous mobile robot
2 D644,256 Autonomous mobile robot
3 8,010,975 Disc cartridge and photon mode optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
4 8,010,908 Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording method, program, and reproduction method
5 8,010,858 Transmitter apparatus and multiantenna transmitter apparatus
6 8,010,688 Content use management system, content use management method, and client device
7 8,010,374 Audio coding apparatus and audio decoding apparatus
8 8,010,353 Audio switching device and audio switching method that vary a degree of change in mixing ratio of mixing narrow-band speech signal and wide-band speech signal
9 8,010,349 Scalable encoder, scalable decoder, and scalable encoding method
10 8,010,063 Signal enhancement in RF transmitters employing non-linear filtering
11 8,010,046 Wireless communication apparatus
12 8,009,903 Image processor, image processing method, storage medium, and integrated circuit that can adjust a degree of depth feeling of a displayed high-quality image
13 8,009,856 Speaker
14 8,009,754 Wireless communication method, radio receiving apparatus, radio transmitting apparatus, and wireless communication system
15 8,009,738 Data holding apparatus
16 8,009,733 Moving picture coding method and a moving picture decoding method
17 8,009,731 Motion compensation method, picture coding method and picture decoding method
18 8,009,721 Wireless communication apparatus and response signal spreading method
19 8,009,706 Fiber laser light source
20 8,009,670 Communication system, information processor, intervening server, identification information transmitting server, communication method and program
21 8,009,656 Apparatus and method for providing feedback information in response to subcarrier reception
22 8,009,629 Communication handover method and communication message processing method
23 8,009,578 Wireless base station device, terminal, and wireless communication method
24 8,009,564 Transmitting apparatus and transmission rate control method
25 8,009,549 Carrier allocation method in multi cell orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
26 8,009,529 Multi-layered information recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording apparatus, reproduction method, and recording method
27 8,009,527 Optical pickup device
28 8,009,526 Optical pickup device and collimate lens
29 8,009,525 Optical disc signal processing device, optical disc signal processing method, optical disc reproduction and recording device, and optical disc reproduction and recording method
30 8,009,427 Image display apparatus
31 8,009,373 Lens actuator
32 8,009,217 Solid-state imaging device
33 8,008,979 Frequency synthesizer and radio transmitting apparatus
34 8,008,860 Organic EL element with forward tapered bank containing fluorine resin
35 8,008,846 Flat display apparatus
36 8,008,840 Drive unit
37 8,008,766 Stacked semiconductor module
38 8,008,756 Heat dissipating wiring board and method for manufacturing same
39 8,008,673 Light-emitting device
40 8,008,588 Contact switch
41 8,008,084 Method for determining whether or not a mammal is affected with a lung cancer
42 8,007,959 Photomask and pattern formation method using the same
43 8,007,953 Process for producing membrane/electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
44 8,007,887 Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
45 8,007,867 Multilayered information recording medium and process for producing said multilayered information recording medium, and apparatus for producing multilayered information recording medium and screen constituting said production apparatus for producing multilayered information recording medium
46 8,007,680 Electrolyte solution for electrochemical device and electrochemical device using same
47 8,007,645 Biosensor
48 8,007,629 Method of manufacturing multi-layer circuit board
49 8,007,627 Electronic component mounting method and apparatus
50 8,007,175 Hydrodynamic bearing device, and spindle motor and information apparatus equipped with same
51 8,006,402 Shape measuring apparatus and shape measuring method
52 8,006,357 Process for fabricating piezoelectric element