Panasonic patents granted on 30 December 2014

57 US patents granted on 30 December 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,312 Base station apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and communication method
2 8,924,613 Data processing device and data processing method
3 8,924,208 Encoding device and encoding method
4 8,924,000 Parts mounting related work device
5 8,923,783 Transmit and receive transmission circuits coupled to a common antenna for a wireless communication device
6 8,923,691 Shake correcting device and imaging apparatus having shake correcting device
7 8,923,634 Image coding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding method and image decoding apparatus
8 8,923,633 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, and image coding apparatus
9 8,923,613 Image compression device, image compression method, integrated circuit, program, and picture display apparatus
10 8,923,451 Signal detection device and signal detection method
11 8,923,428 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system and wireless communication method
12 8,923,415 Communication apparatus and communication method
13 8,923,404 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
14 8,923,221 Base station, terminal, band allocation method, and downlink data communication method
15 8,923,220 Base station, terminal, band allocation method, and downlink data communication method
16 8,923,206 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
17 8,923,108 Radio transmission apparatus, and radio transmission method
18 8,923,105 Optical information device, cross-talk reduction method, computer, player, and recorder
19 8,923,032 Crosspoint nonvolatile memory device and forming method thereof
20 8,923,020 Switching power supply circuit having shunt regulator with switchable gain
21 8,922,912 Fresnel lens
22 8,922,742 IPS-type liquid crystal display device having improved capacitance between pixel electrode and counter electrode
23 8,922,738 Display device and thin film polarizer used for display device
24 8,922,736 Liquid crystal display device
25 8,922,723 Optical device
26 8,922,687 Solid-state imaging device
27 8,922,666 Information communication method
28 8,922,623 Stereo image processor and stereo image processing method
29 8,922,597 Liquid crystal display device
30 8,922,561 Data processing device, data processing system, and data processing method for identifying data from both licensed and unlicensed devices
31 8,922,541 Method of driving display device
32 8,922,522 Display device equipped with touch panel
33 8,922,468 Liquid crystal display device with influences of offset voltages reduced
34 8,922,441 Receiver
35 8,922,402 Offset correction device of comparator
36 8,922,325 Coil component including magnetic body
37 8,922,130 Solid-state light-emitting element drive device, lighting system and lighting fixture
38 8,922,120 Strobe device
39 8,922,118 Light-emitting device
40 8,922,060 Power supply apparatus
41 8,922,011 Mounting structure of electronic component with joining portions and method of manufacturing the same
42 8,921,867 Thin-film transistor, display panel, and method for producing a thin-film transistor
43 8,921,838 Light emitting element, method for manufacturing same, and light emitting device
44 8,921,833 Organic electroluminescent element
45 8,921,708 Electronic-component mounted body, electronic component, and circuit board
46 8,921,200 Nonvolatile storage element and method of manufacturing thereof
47 8,921,052 Hemoglobin derivative measurement method, and reagent composition, measurement kit, analysis device and analysis system for use in the method
48 8,921,048 Method for identifying olfactory receptor included in one olfactory cell
49 8,920,976 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
50 8,920,953 Lithium ion secondary battery including an elastic member arranged inside an electrode assembly and method for producing the same
51 8,920,910 Structural color body
52 8,920,904 Touch panel and method of producing the same
53 8,920,896 Information recording medium and manufacturing method of same
54 8,919,659 Heating system and heating system control method
55 8,919,485 Vehicle using compressed gas, and control device therefor
56 8,919,296 Hot-water supply system
57 8,919,249 Screen printing device and screen printing method