Panasonic patents granted on 30 March 2010

54 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE41,180 Method for encoding and decoding moving picture signals
2 D612,958 Lighting apparatus
3 D612,883 Surveillance camera
4 D612,821 Television receiver
5 D612,806 Separator for fuel cell
6 D612,805 Separator for fuel cell
7 7,689,976 Compiler apparatus and linker apparatus
8 7,689,940 Method and apparatus for allocating data paths
9 7,689,823 Content distribution/protecting method and apparatus
10 7,689,464 Electronic accounting-document system, electronic accounting-document processing method, accounting-document creation unit, and accounting-document processing unit
11 7,689,428 Acoustic signal encoding device, and acoustic signal decoding device
12 7,689,179 Multistage amplifier apparatus with distortion compensation function
13 7,689,164 Relay apparatus, communication terminal, communication system, and semiconductor integrated circuit
14 7,689,163 Transmission apparatus and reception apparatus
15 7,689,129 System-in-package optical transceiver in optical communication with a plurality of other system-in-package optical transceivers via an optical transmission line
16 7,689,117 Multi-module photography system
17 7,689,110 Collapsible lens barrel
18 7,689,053 Image processing method
19 7,688,969 Operation dial with rotary encoder
20 7,688,913 Radio transmitting apparatus, radio receiving apparatus, and M-ary modulation communication system
21 7,688,901 Transmission method, transmission apparatus, and reception apparatus
22 7,688,900 Interleaver decorrelation in data transmitting and receiving devices
23 7,688,785 Context transfer in a communication network comprising plural heterogeneous access networks
24 7,688,705 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, and reproduction method
25 7,688,687 Timing extractor, and information playback apparatus and DVD device using the timing extractor
26 7,688,658 Semiconductor device in which a plurality of memory macros are mounted, and testing method thereof
27 7,688,637 Memory self-test circuit, semiconductor device and IC card including the same, and memory self-test method
28 7,688,471 Picture coding method
29 7,688,380 Imaging device
30 7,688,373 Solid-state imaging device with specific contact arrangement
31 7,688,363 Super-resolution device, super-resolution method, super-resolution program, and super-resolution system
32 7,688,361 Image processor including memory controller which starts reading image data before writing screenful of image data is completed
33 7,688,287 Plasma display apparatus
34 7,688,157 Selective envelope modulation enabling reduced current consumption
35 7,688,156 Polar modulation transmission circuit and communication device
36 7,688,059 Filter characteristic adjusting apparatus and filter characteristic adjusting method
37 7,688,033 Method for detecting state of secondary battery and device for detecting state of secondary battery
38 7,688,018 Inverter
39 7,688,003 Method of lighting high pressure mercury lamp, lighting device for the same, lamp system and projection display unit
40 7,687,993 Image display
41 7,687,975 Vibration assisted machining system with stacked actuators
42 7,687,900 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication method for the same
43 7,687,870 Laterally configured electrooptical devices
44 7,687,828 Field-effect transistor
45 7,687,749 Magnetron for microwave oven
46 7,687,202 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
47 7,687,196 Prismatic battery and method for manufacturing the same
48 7,687,191 Set of electrode plates for rolled electrochemical component and a cell comprising such electrode plates
49 7,687,184 Membrane electrode assembly with a fibrous substrate, method for producing the same and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
50 7,687,167 Power supply unit
51 7,686,971 Plasma processing apparatus and method
52 7,686,764 Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus for calculating positions to determine IMT and lumen boundaries
53 7,686,592 Compressor
54 7,685,707 Method for manufacturing circuit forming substrate