Panasonic patents granted on 30 November 2010

54 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D628,199 Display device
2 7,844,983 Power transmission member for head movement mechanism, and disk device equipped with the head movement mechanism
3 7,844,980 Optical disc device having reduced striking sound
4 7,844,934 Method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit layout capable of reducing the processing time for optical proximity effect correction
5 7,844,923 Semiconductor integrated circuit designing method, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and electronic device
6 7,844,881 Transmitting apparatus and transmitting method
7 7,844,874 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and inspection method therefor
8 7,844,819 Application authentication system
9 7,844,451 Spectrum coding/decoding apparatus and method for reducing distortion of two band spectrums
10 7,844,398 Path risk evaluating apparatus
11 7,844,355 Stream reproduction device and stream supply device
12 7,844,123 Orthogonal transformation apparatus and imaging system
13 7,844,071 Loudspeaker
14 7,844,045 Intelligent call routing and call supervision method for call centers
15 7,844,013 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and link adaptation method
16 7,844,005 Multicarrier communication apparatus, integrated circuit, and multicarrier communication method
17 7,843,994 Moving picture stream generation apparatus, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture multiplexing apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus
18 7,843,984 Semiconductor laser device
19 7,843,972 OFDM signal transmission method, and OFDM signal transmitter/receiver
20 7,843,887 Mobile station device and communication partner selection method
21 7,843,880 Mobile terminal device and hand-off method thereof
22 7,843,711 Switching transistor driver circuit controlling power supply to the load
23 7,843,706 Circuit controller, inrush current limiting circuit, inrush current limiting circuit with battery, inverter, and inverter with battery
24 7,843,680 Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
25 7,843,678 Photoelectron generating plate, negative particle generating device and charge removing device and equipment using such device
26 7,843,573 Component shape profiling method and component mounting method
27 7,843,514 Signal transmitter and signal receiver
28 7,843,487 System of linkable cameras, each receiving, contributing to the encoding of, and transmitting an image
29 7,843,473 Matrix display with gamma correction based on gamma characteristics pairs and different input transmittance level
30 7,843,394 Radio antenna unit and mobile radio device equipped with the same
31 7,843,337 Hearing aid
32 7,843,224 Interface circuit that can switch between single-ended transmission and differential transmission
33 7,843,206 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for inspecting same
34 7,843,165 Charging apparatus
35 7,843,159 Motor controller
36 7,843,073 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
37 7,843,023 Electromechanical switch
38 7,843,013 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
39 7,842,989 Semiconductor memory cell and semiconductor memory array using the same
40 7,842,947 Organic EL display panel and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,842,904 Welding system and consumable electrode welding method
42 7,842,611 Substrate and manufacturing method of the same
43 7,842,532 Nitride semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
44 7,842,436 Photomask
45 7,842,418 Electrode plate for battery, electrode group for battery, lithium secondary battery, method for producing electrode plate for battery and apparatus for producing electrode plate for battery
46 7,842,413 Rechargeable battery to reduce internal resistance and method of manufacturing the same
47 7,842,342 Method for manufacturing protective layer
48 7,842,332 Method for intermittently applying thin-film coatings
49 7,841,993 Lancet-integrated sensor, measuring device for lancet-integrated sensor, and cartridge
50 7,841,782 Dome type camera with independently rotatable and lockable cover
51 7,841,549 Electrostatic spraying device
52 7,841,196 Variable-capacity air conditioner
53 7,841,081 Method for manufacturing electronic parts module
54 7,841,079 Electronic component mounting system and electronic component mounting method