Panasonic patents granted on 30 September 2014

77 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,171 Base station apparatus and communication method
2 D714,471 Light-emitting diode lamp
3 D714,251 Telephone base unit
4 D714,246 Mobile phone
5 8,850,604 Content receiver, license server, content utilization system, and content viewing time limit management method
6 8,850,511 Program replacing method
7 8,850,502 Content reproduction device, content reproduction system, and content reproduction method
8 8,850,479 Distribution device and reception device
9 8,850,282 Verifying device, imaging device having verifying function, and verifying method
10 8,850,210 Authentication system, authentication device, terminal, and verifying device
11 8,850,171 Multithreaded parallel execution device, broadcast stream playback device, broadcast stream storage device, stored stream playback device, stored stream re-encoding device, integrated circuit, multithreaded parallel execution method, and multithreaded compiler
12 8,850,168 Processor apparatus and multithread processor apparatus
13 8,849,655 Encoder, decoder and methods thereof
14 8,849,590 Flow rate measurement apparatus and gas supply system
15 8,849,510 In-vehicle display system
16 8,849,442 Component mounting line and component mounting method
17 8,849,391 Speech sound intelligibility assessment system, and method and program therefor
18 8,849,103 Recording medium, playback device, and integrated circuit
19 8,849,088 Playback device, recording device, playback method, and recording method
20 8,849,061 Noise reduction device and noise reduction method
21 8,848,952 Audio reproduction apparatus
22 8,848,819 Transmission method, transmitter apparatus, reception method and receiver apparatus
23 8,848,805 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
24 8,848,668 Network initiated context establishment
25 8,848,664 Communication method for a mobile terminal and mobile terminal
26 8,848,632 Wireless communication base station device and division number determination method
27 8,848,631 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
28 8,848,501 Detection lens, lens unit, optical pickup device, optical disc device, computer, optical disc player and optical disc recorder
29 8,848,500 Optical read/write apparatus
30 8,848,426 Cross-point variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and reading method for cross-point variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
31 8,848,424 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device, and accessing method for variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
32 8,848,422 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and driving method thereof
33 8,848,421 Forming method of performing forming on variable resistance nonvolatile memory element, and variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
34 8,848,386 Electronic circuit
35 8,848,366 Holding device and electronic device including the same
36 8,848,365 Electronic device
37 8,848,302 Lens barrel and imaging device
38 8,848,276 Optical-path conversion device and imaging apparatus
39 8,848,157 Liquid crystal display
40 8,848,138 Liquid crystal display device
41 8,848,050 Drive assist display apparatus
42 8,848,003 Method of chromaticity adjustment of display device
43 8,847,914 Touched position detection method for touch panel
44 8,847,858 Organic electroluminescent light emitting display device
45 8,847,812 Time-to-digital conversion stage and time-to-digital converter including the same
46 8,847,775 Tangible charge level awareness method and apparatus using augmented batteries
47 8,847,751 Line status detection apparatus, communication apparatus, and line status detection method
48 8,847,663 Gate drive circuit
49 8,847,532 Electric tool
50 8,847,504 Lighting device and lighting system
51 8,847,274 LED device
52 8,847,251 Substrate, light-emitting device, and lighting apparatus having a largest gap between two lines at light-emitting element mounting position
53 8,847,250 Organic light-emitting element and manufacturing method of the same, organic display panel, and organic display device
54 8,847,238 Semiconductor device which can withstand high voltage or high current and method for fabricating the same
55 8,847,229 Flexible semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, image display device using the same and method for manufacturing the image display device
56 8,847,217 Organic EL panel, display device using same, and method for producing organic EL panel
57 8,847,211 Device, thin film transistor, method for manufacturing the device and method for manufacturing the thin film transistor
58 8,847,087 MEMS switch and communication device using the same
59 8,846,869 Mutant protein capable of binding specifically and quickly to troponin I derived from human myocardium
60 8,846,799 Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, and metal-clad laminate and multilayered printed wiring board
61 8,846,449 Three-dimensional integrated circuit, processor, semiconductor chip, and manufacturing method of three-dimensional integrated circuit
62 8,846,318 Method for identifying olfactory receptor included in one olfactory cell
63 8,846,269 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and fuel cell stack comprising the same
64 8,846,268 Combustion apparatus, combustion processor, and fuel cell generating system
65 8,846,249 Lithium ion secondary battery
66 8,846,245 Insulatable battery pack for secondary battery
67 8,846,235 Battery module
68 8,845,966 Method for measuring analysis object and measuring device
69 8,845,929 Ultraviolet light emitting material
70 8,845,169 Illumination apparatus
71 8,845,119 Light emitting device, surface light source, and liquid crystal display apparatus
72 8,845,114 Lighting device for image capturing in electronic component mounting apparatus
73 8,844,819 Reading device
74 8,844,356 Inertial force sensor
75 8,844,192 Insect pest-controlling apparatus
76 8,844,124 Operation instruction display technique for an electronic component mounting system
77 8,844,095 Floor care apparatus with cord reel and nozzle assembly