Panasonic patents granted on 31 January 2012

57 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D653,347 Holder for medical ultrasound equipment
2 8,108,936 Content distribution server and content playback control terminal
3 8,108,889 Digital television receiver module and digital television receiver using the same
4 8,108,885 Disk cartridge
5 8,108,884 Optical disk recording/reproducing device and optical head
6 8,108,689 Obfuscation evaluation method and obfuscation method
7 8,108,552 Information processing device, server, communication system, address decision method, address modification method, and program
8 8,108,408 Image recognition device and image recognition method
9 8,108,407 Informationn retrieval apparatus
10 8,108,222 Encoding device and decoding device
11 8,107,994 Multimode communication apparatus
12 8,107,967 Relay station in mobile communication system and relay transmission channel setting method
13 8,107,919 RF receiver
14 8,107,900 Multi-carrier transmission device
15 8,107,899 Power supply circuit
16 8,107,898 Transmitter circuit and communication device using the same
17 8,107,794 Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
18 8,107,789 Playback apparatus that reads data replacing data recorded on recording medium from another recording medium and plays back read data, playback method, and non-transitory recording medium
19 8,107,788 Recording medium, playback device, recording method and playback method
20 8,107,660 Hearing aid
21 8,107,628 Data transmitting apparatus and data receiving apparatus
22 8,107,533 Moving picture coding method, and moving picture decoding method
23 8,107,498 Network relay apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data transmitting apparatus, multipath MTU finding method and multipath MTU finding system
24 8,107,453 Mobile communication control method, mobile terminal, and access router
25 8,107,448 Apparatus for reducing signalling data bursts in mobile network
26 8,107,431 Master station in communications system and access control method
27 8,107,346 Optical head device and optical information processing device
28 8,107,334 Laser power control method and optical information recording/reproducing device
29 8,107,231 Cover opening and closing device and information processing unit
30 8,107,028 Display device having improved step coverage for thin film transistors
31 8,107,019 Projection type image display device
32 8,107,012 Image process apparatus and method for contour correction
33 8,107,000 Image pickup apparatus and semiconductor circuit element
34 8,106,993 Diffractive imaging lens, diffractive imaging lens optical system, and imaging apparatus using the diffractive imaging lens optical system
35 8,106,963 Flicker correcting device and flicker correcting method
36 8,106,954 Imaging apparatus and method that reduces illumination variations by converting a luminance value of a target pixel depending on an average luminance value of pixels in the vicinity of the target pixel
37 8,106,902 Display device
38 8,106,722 Multi-layered device and electronic equipment using thereof
39 8,106,691 Phase adjustment circuit
40 8,106,585 Manufacturing method of high-pressure discharge lamp, high-pressure discharge lamp, lamp unit using high-pressure discharge lamp, and image display apparatus using high-pressure discharge lamp
41 8,106,523 Liquid resin composition, semi-conductor device, and process of fabricating the same
42 8,106,521 Semiconductor device mounted structure with an underfill sealing-bonding resin with voids
43 8,106,431 Solid state imaging apparatus, method for driving the same and camera using the same
44 8,106,382 Field effect transistor
45 8,106,344 Compound eye camera module
46 8,106,307 Substrate structure and electronic apparatus
47 8,105,926 Method for producing a semiconductor device by plasma doping a semiconductor region to form an impurity region
48 8,105,732 Direct oxidation fuel cell
49 8,105,712 Sealed secondary battery, and method for manufacturing the battery
50 8,105,711 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
51 8,105,396 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for fabricating the same
52 8,105,395 Method for manufacturing electrode plate for battery
53 8,105,101 Lamp socket and luminaire with same
54 8,104,942 Light guide sheet and movable contact element using the same
55 8,104,923 Light-emitting apparatus
56 8,104,307 Expander-integrated compressor and refrigeration-cycle apparatus with the same
57 8,104,181 Outer blade for reciprocation-type electric shaver and method of producing the same