Panasonic patents granted on 31 January 2017

32 US patents granted on 31 January 2017 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,560,795 Bottom reception pin module for electronic component mounting device, substrate bottom reception device, and substrate bottom reception method
2 9,560,794 Cooling device for cooling rack-type server, and data center provided with same
3 9,560,655 Common mapping of resource elements to enhanced resource element groups
4 9,560,456 Hearing aid and method of detecting vibration
5 9,560,363 Image encoding device, photographing system, photographing recording system, image encoding method, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing image encoding control program
6 9,560,321 Image capturing system, camera control device for use therein, image capturing method, camera control method, and computer program
7 9,560,284 Information communication method for obtaining information specified by striped pattern of bright lines
8 9,559,711 A/D converter including multiple sub-A/D converters
9 9,559,657 Method and apparatus for mode balance for analog FM, digital radio blend logic in an automotive environment
10 9,559,649 Control knob device
11 9,559,362 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same
12 9,558,752 Encoding device and encoding method
13 9,558,551 Image measurement apparatus and image measurement method for determining a proportion of positive cell nuclei among cell nuclei included in a pathologic examination specimen
14 9,558,398 Person behavior analysis device, person behavior analysis system, person behavior analysis method, and monitoring device for detecting a part of interest of a person
15 9,557,872 Capacitive rotary encoder
16 9,557,854 Display device with touch panel having X, Y and dummy electrodes
17 9,557,851 Configurable touch screen LCD steering wheel controls
18 9,557,815 Electronic device
19 9,557,471 Liquid crystal display device
20 9,557,468 Liquid crystal display device
21 9,557,465 Illuminator
22 9,557,080 Refrigeration cycle apparatus
23 9,557,068 Heat pump hot-water supply system
24 9,557,029 Lighting device
25 9,557,027 Lighting apparatus and automobile including the same
26 9,556,998 Insulator including gas adsorbent
27 9,555,717 Storage battery transfer support device and storage battery transfer support method
28 9,555,713 Contactless power transmission device
29 9,555,628 Inkjet device, and method for manufacturing organic EL device
30 9,555,391 Carbon dioxide adsorbent
31 9,555,261 Phototherapeutic device and phototherapeutic method
32 9,554,704 Living organism biological information measurement device