Panasonic patents granted on 31 July 2012

63 US patents granted on 31 July 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D664,683 Light-emitting diode lamp
2 D664,682 Light-emitting diode lamp
3 D664,666 Inspection device for medical tablet
4 D664,520 Telephone base unit
5 D664,508 Electroluminescence module
6 D664,507 Electroluminescence module
7 D664,506 Electroluminescence module
8 8,234,435 Relay device
9 8,234,383 Bubble packet port identification using detection packets
10 8,233,956 Medical device
11 8,233,922 Efficient paging mechanism with scalable bandwidth allocation
12 8,233,865 Reception device and reception method
13 8,233,781 Image reproduction method and image reproduction apparatus
14 8,233,779 Recording medium, recording method, reproduction apparatus and method, and computer-readable program
15 8,233,744 Image enlargement apparatus, method, integrated circuit, and program
16 8,233,724 Automatic component teaching device
17 8,233,720 Object detecting apparatus and learning apparatus for the same
18 8,233,708 Video scene classification device and video scene classification method
19 8,233,634 Video/sound output device and external speaker control device
20 8,233,633 Noise control device
21 8,233,571 Reception device and reception method
22 8,233,548 Noise reduction device and noise reduction method of compression coded image
23 8,233,469 Relay device
24 8,233,441 Network initiated context establishment
25 8,233,372 Optical system for compensating for coma aberration and/or spherical aberration in an optical pickup device and optical pickup device having the same
26 8,233,371 Objective lens, optical head and optical disc device
27 8,233,367 Method and device for optical recording onto optical disc medium
28 8,233,362 Information recording medium, method for recording information on information recording medium, method for reproducing information from information recording medium and method for producing information recording medium
29 8,233,361 Write-once recording medium, recording method, recording apparatus, reproduction method, and reproduction apparatus
30 8,233,311 Variable resistance nonvolatile storage device having a source line formed of parallel wiring layers connected to each other through vias
31 8,233,288 Electronic component package, electronic component mounted apparatus, method of inspecting bonding portion therein, and circuit board
32 8,233,267 Capacitor with defined terminal plate and housing joint areas
33 8,233,179 Print management system including management of storage status of print data
34 8,233,129 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device including forming beveled sides of substrates forming liquid crystal panel
35 8,233,126 Liquid crystal display device with semiconductor layer of TFT and pixel electrode at different levels
36 8,233,119 Liquid crystal display device
37 8,233,117 Wavelength separator, planar illumination device and liquid crystal display device using the wavelength separator
38 8,233,113 Surface illumination apparatus and liquid crystal display using same
39 8,233,107 Display device
40 8,233,105 Image display device
41 8,233,082 Camera casing including accessory shoe for allowing the attachment of various/plural external devices
42 8,233,029 Reproduction apparatus and system
43 8,232,983 Method for driving plasma display panel, and plasma display device
44 8,232,976 Physically reconfigurable input and output systems and methods
45 8,232,953 Liquid crystal display device
46 8,232,944 Display device
47 8,232,934 Display module
48 8,232,926 Mobile wireless device
49 8,232,746 High pressure discharge lamp lighting device and lighting fixture using the same
50 8,232,741 Electronic ballast with controlled lamp preheating
51 8,232,668 Synchronization point detection method and power line communication apparatus
52 8,232,600 Semiconductor integrated circuit
53 8,232,491 Movable contact element and switch using the same
54 8,232,084 Device for measuring extracellular potential and method of manufacturing device
55 8,232,054 Method for detecting G-quadruplex, method for detecting G-quadruplex-forming DNA and method for determining telomerase activity
56 8,231,798 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
57 8,231,768 Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device
58 8,231,737 Dish washer/dryer
59 8,231,726 Semiconductor light emitting element, group III nitride semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing such group III nitride semiconductor substrate
60 8,231,235 Light hood detachable mechanism
61 8,230,966 Diaphragm for speaker, frame for speaker, dust cap for speaker, speaker and apparatus using them, and method for manufacturing component for speaker
62 8,230,909 Heat exchanger and its manufacturing method
63 8,230,891 Manufacturing method of boards, mold-releasing sheet, manufacturing apparatus for board