Panasonic patents granted on 31 May 2011

48 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE42,410 Adapter, memory card, and memory card module
2 D638,810 Substrate for light source of light emitting diode
3 D638,809 Substrate for light source of light emitting diode
4 D638,803 Operation switch
5 7,954,154 Communication system and communication apparatus
6 7,953,985 Memory card, application program holding method, and holding program
7 7,953,959 Processor
8 7,953,935 Cache memory system, and control method therefor
9 7,953,602 Digital video reproducing apparatus for recognizing and reproducing a digital video content
10 7,953,283 Portable terminal
11 7,953,240 Loudspeaker apparatus
12 7,953,197 Radio communication base station apparatus, radio communication mobile station apparatus, and radio communication method in multi-carrier communication
13 7,953,181 MIMO transmitting apparatus and MIMO transmitting method
14 7,953,180 Transmission power control method and transmission apparatus
15 7,953,177 Radio communication apparatus capable of switching modulation schemes
16 7,953,105 Communication apparatus enabling temporal coexistence of systems
17 7,953,029 Mobile communication system with transmission control of data transmission rate request value
18 7,953,013 Transmission apparatus and method for transmitting data based on a communication mode determined employing information on an error rate
19 7,952,979 Coupling lens, optical head and optical disc device
20 7,952,978 Optical control device, optical information recording/reproducing device, optical information recording medium and optical head control method
21 7,952,971 Recording/reproducing method suitable for recording/reproducing AV data on/from disc, recorder and reproducer for the method, information recording disc and information processing system
22 7,952,966 Tracking apparatus for optical information reproduction apparatus
23 7,952,821 Lens barrel and imaging device with lens barrel
24 7,952,812 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
25 7,952,810 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
26 7,952,777 Three-dimensional video display apparatus
27 7,952,703 Device and method for measuring microporous film on battery electrode plate, coater equipped with film measuring device, and coating method using film measuring method
28 7,952,648 Broadcast reception module and broadcast device using the same
29 7,952,624 Image pickup device having a color filter for dividing incident light into multiple color components and image processing system using the same
30 7,952,550 Liquid crystal driver, liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal driving method
31 7,952,510 Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and camera
32 7,952,330 Secondary battery protection circuit, battery pack and thermosensitive protection switch device
33 7,952,279 Light emitting display device, plasma display device and phosphor particles
34 7,952,277 Plasma display panel
35 7,952,177 Resin-sealed semiconductor device, leadframe with die pads, and manufacturing method for leadframe with die pads
36 7,951,700 Flip chip mounting method and bump forming method
37 7,951,679 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
38 7,951,625 Semiconductor light emitting element and method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
39 7,951,505 Fuel cell system that supplies to individual cells of a fuel cell stack independently
40 7,951,497 Fuel cell system
41 7,951,487 Electrode group for nonaqueous battery and method for producing the same, and cylindrical nonaqueous secondary battery and method for producing the same
42 7,951,484 Battery can, method for producing the same, and battery
43 7,951,482 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery module
44 7,951,082 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and tomographic image processing apparatus
45 7,950,854 Hydrodynamic bearing type rotary device and recording and reproducing apparatus equipped with same
46 7,950,832 LED luminaire
47 7,950,145 Component mounting apparatus and method for determining component holding members
48 7,950,140 Connection device for electric components