Philips Electronics patent applications published on 04 December 2008

43 US patent applications published on 04 December 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080301743 Access to Associated Content
2 20080301726 Apparatus for Centering an Information Medium on a Turntable
3 20080301538 Method and Apparatus for Detecting Video Data Errors
4 20080301182 Object-Based Real-Time Information Management Method and Apparatus
5 20080300917 Interactive Patient Care System
6 20080300869 Audio Signal Dereverberation
7 20080300696 Environment Adaptation for Schizophrenic User
8 20080300588 Automating the Ablation Procedure to Minimize the Need for Manual Intervention
9 20080300501 Fluid Analyser
10 20080300482 Method and a System for Interactive Probing and Annotating Medical Images Using Profile Flags
12 20080300472 Method and Device for Optical Imaging of a Turbid Medium
13 20080300146 Bio Chip Device with a Sample Compartment and a Light Sensitive Element, Method for the Detection of Fluorescent Particles Within at Least One Sample Compartment of a Bio Chip Device
14 20080300144 Sensor for Biomolecules and a Method for Preparing and Using the Same
15 20080299931 System, Apparatus, and Method for Multi-Band Ofdm Systems with Receiver Antenna Selection Per Sub-Band
16 20080298682 Method a System and a Computer Program for Segmenting a Structure Associated with a Reference Structure in an Image
17 20080298541 Smart Radiation Detector Module
18 20080298460 Method and Apparatus for Spatial Scalable Compression of a Video Stream
19 20080298404 Radiation Beam Source Device
20 20080298192 Method and System for Adjusting the Pitch of Light Spots Used to Read an Information Carrier
21 20080298191 Method and System for Thermal Management in an Optical Storage System
22 20080298188 Device for and Method of Recording Information on a Record Carrier
23 20080298183 Method and Device for Tilt Compensation In an Optical Storage System
24 20080298089 Converter Circuit with Forward and Backward Control
25 20080298066 Lamp Unit
26 20080298061 Light Emitting Module and Manufacturing Method
27 20080298059 Led Lamp System
28 20080298054 Lamp Assembly
29 20080298053 Illumination System with Multiple Sets of Light Sources
30 20080297956 Electronic Ballast Protection
31 20080297728 Color Projector with a Compact Optical Integrator and Method of Projecting an Image Using the Same
32 20080297372 Programming of a Universal Remote Control Device
33 20080297300 High Voltage Transformer
34 20080297231 Monitoring the Temperature Dependence of the External Capacitors of a Charge Pump and Improved Charge Pumps Based Thereon
35 20080297206 Dc Offset Estimation
36 20080297066 Illumination Device and Method for Controlling an Illumination Device
37 20080297052 Lamp with an Improved Lamp Behaviour
38 20080297051 Electric Discharge Lamp
39 20080297048 Light Emitting Diode Construction
40 20080296726 Fuse Structure for Maintaining Passivation Integrity
41 20080296505 Method of Constructing Time-In-Flight Pet Images
42 20080295760 Magnetic Actuated Wear Indicator for Personal Care Appliances
43 20080295699 Beverage Maker, And Pump Unit And Cartridge For Use In A Beverage Maker