Philips Electronics patent applications published on 07 August 2008

75 US patent applications published on 07 August 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080189794 Secure Host Interface
2 20080189753 Apparatus and Method for Analyzing a Content Stream Comprising a Content Item
3 20080189731 Disk Drive Unit Having A Clamper System With Variable Clamping Force
4 20080189629 User Interface to Support a User Selecting Content
5 20080189515 Electronic Parallel Processing Circuit
6 20080189319 Automatic Personal Play List Generation Based on External Factors Such as Weather, Financial Market, Media Sales or Calendar Data
7 20080188959 Method for Control of a Device
8 20080188755 Ultrasound Transducer Assembly Having Improved Thermal Management
9 20080188754 Ultrasound Probe Having an Operational Indicator Assembly
10 20080188749 Three Dimensional Imaging for Guiding Interventional Medical Devices in a Body Volume
11 20080188746 Method and Apparatus for Automatic Gain Adjustment in Spectral Doppler
12 20080188739 Medical Viewing System and Method For Detecting and Enhancing Static Structures In Noisy Images Using Motion of the Image Acquisition Means
13 20080188728 Method and Device for Determining the Perfusion of Blood in a Body Member
14 20080188726 Blood Flow Sensor
15 20080188354 Electronic Device and Method For Selecting Content Items
16 20080188172 Vehicle Accessories For Enhancing Smells
17 20080187861 Master Substrate and Method of Manufacturing a High-Density Relief Structure
18 20080187746 Phosphor in Polycrystalline Ceramic Structure and a Light-Emitting Element Comprising Same
19 20080187297 Methid, End User System, Signal and Transmission System for Combining Broadcasted Audio-Video Content with Locally Available Information
20 20080187245 Image Processing Apparatus, an Imaging System, a Computer Program and a Method for Enabling Scaling of an Object in an Image
21 20080187236 Image Contrast and Sharpness Enhancement
22 20080187231 Summarization of Audio and/or Visual Data
23 20080187222 Rendering Images Based On Image Segmentation
24 20080187195 Image Processing System, Particularly for Circular and Helical Cone-Beam Ct
25 20080187105 Gas Discharge Source, in Particular for Euv Radiation
26 20080187073 Transmitter Apparatus
27 20080187042 Method of Processing a Video Signal Using Quantization Step Sizes Dynamically Based on Normal Flow
28 20080187039 Method And Apparatus For Correcting Video Signal
29 20080186998 Network-On-Chip Environment and Method for Reduction of Latency
30 20080186991 Integrated Circuit and Method of Arbitration in a Network on an Integrated Circuit
31 20080186983 Integrated Circuit with Data Communication Network and Ic Design Method
32 20080186905 Quality Of Service Provisioning Using Periodic Channel Time Allocation
33 20080186895 Communication Method And Apparatus For Providing Real-Time Wireless Bulletin Board System
34 20080186868 Method and Apparatus Using Varying Length Training Sequences in Radio Communication
35 20080186839 Optical Information Carrier
36 20080186831 Optical Scanning Device
37 20080186821 Optical Storage Medium Reading/Writing Method and Device with Improved Reliability
38 20080186817 Method and Apparatus for Selecting an Optimum Write Parameter, and Optical Recording Medium for Use by Said Method and Apparatus
39 20080186816 Fallback Mechanism For Data Reproduction
40 20080186811 Device And Method For Controlling Disc Runout In An Optical Disc Drive System
41 20080186793 Method and Circuit for Saving Power
42 20080186746 Power Supply System
43 20080186725 Headlamp For Vehicles
44 20080186720 Spotlight Unit Comprising Means For Adjusting The Light Beam Direction
45 20080186709 Variable Reflector Device
46 20080186589 Compact Stepping Lens Actuator for Mobile Cameras
47 20080186577 Optical Scanning Device
48 20080186559 Display Device With Solid Redox Centres
49 20080186550 Micro Electromechanical Device For Tilting A Body In Two Degrees Of Freedom
50 20080186549 Device for Directing Radiation to a Layer, Apparatus with Such Device and Method Using Such Apparatus
51 20080186327 Converting a Three Primary Color Input Signal Into Four Signals
52 20080186323 Converting a Three-Primary Input Color Signal into an N-Primary Color Drive Signal
53 20080186273 Illumination Module
54 20080186245 Rfid Tag Having a Folded Dipole
55 20080186206 Communication Device and Communication System as Well as Method of Communication Between and Among Mobile Nodes Such as Vehicles
56 20080186120 Winding Arrangement for Planar Transformer and Inductor
57 20080186062 Frequency Divider
58 20080186032 Circuit for Detecting the Impedance of a Load
59 20080186026 Electromagnetic Shielding For High Field Mri Coils
60 20080185981 Ignitor Disconnection Control System and Method
61 20080185980 Robust Driver For High Intensity Discharge Lamp
62 20080185974 Lighting Assembly And Method Of Operating A Discharge Lamp
63 20080185969 Illumination Control
64 20080185968 Method For Lamp Life Control of a Gas Discharge Lamp, a Gas Discharge Lamp Driver Circuit, a Gas Discharge Lamp and an Assembly of a Gas Discharge Lamp and a Lamp Driver Circuit
65 20080185967 High-Intensity Discharge Lamp
66 20080185964 High-Pressure Discharge Lamp
67 20080185950 Electric Lamp With Electrode Rods Having Longitudinal Grooves
68 20080185539 Electronic Lamp Identification System
69 20080185536 Treatment System Comprising a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Lamp
70 20080185529 Digital Flat X-Ray Detector
71 20080185499 Lighting System
72 20080185043 Microfluidic Device
74 20080184871 Sound Synthesis
75 20080184799 Device With A Sensor Arrangement