Philips Electronics patent applications published on 11 December 2008

52 US patent applications published on 11 December 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080307450 Information Carrier, a Device for Recording and/or Reproducing Information, as Well as a Method for Manufacturing an Information Carrier
2 20080306775 Electronic Agenda with Weight Management Function
3 20080306771 Care Plan Update Management
4 20080306414 Method and Apparatus for Guidance and Application of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Control of Bleeding Due to Severed Limbs
5 20080306385 Automatic Ultrasound Scanning Initiated by Protocol Stage
6 20080306374 Methods and Workflow Design for Improving Specificity of Breast Mr
7 20080306354 Enhanced Functionality and Accuracy For a Wrist-Based Multi-Parameter Monitor
8 20080305970 Analysis Device with an Array of Focusing Microstructures
9 20080305969 Ink Jet Device and Method for Producing a Biological Assay Substrate by Releasing a Plurality of Substances Onto the Substrate
10 20080305809 Control of Communication Signal Transmission Based on Transceiver Proximity Estimation
11 20080305713 Shadow Generation Apparatus and Method
12 20080304810 Device for and a Method of Processing an Input Data Stream Comprising a Sequence of Input Frames
13 20080304744 Method for Facilitating Post-Processing of Images Using Deformable Meshes
14 20080304729 Method and Apparatus for Continuous Imaging by Ultrasound Transducer System
15 20080304702 Blind Detection for Digital Cinema
16 20080304675 Acoustic Echo Canceller
17 20080304670 Method of and a Device for Generating 3d Sound
18 20080304665 Method and Device for Rights Management
19 20080304657 Secure Threshold Decryption Protocol Computation
20 20080304621 Display System For the Evaluation of Mammographies
21 20080304615 Method For Fleixble 3Dra-Ct Fusion
22 20080304607 System, Apparatus, and Method for a Robust Synchronization Scheme for Digital Communication Systems
24 20080304468 Multiple Spatial Channel Transmission with Rate Control
25 20080304444 Enhanced Site Report for Low Latency Roaming By Passive Scanning in Ieee 802.11 Networks
26 20080304402 Optical Disc Providing a Visual Indication of Its State of Degradation
27 20080304400 Optical Data Storage Medium, Apparatus and Method for Scanning Such a Medium
28 20080304395 Air Gap Servo For Optical Recording
29 20080304389 Method for Recording Data Having a Distinctive Feature
30 20080304381 Method and Apparatus for Detecting Cracks in an Optical Record Carrier
31 20080304374 Initial Focus Optimization for an Optical Scanning Device
32 20080304263 Optical Device for Creating an Illumination Window
33 20080304135 In-Plane Switching Electrophoretic Display
34 20080304128 Speckle Reduction by Angular Scanning for Laser Projection Displays
35 20080303913 Imaging Camera Processing Unit and Method
36 20080303870 Ink Jet Device for the Positioning of a Substance Onto a Substrate, Method for the Positioning of a Substance Onto a Substrate and Use of an Ink Jet Device
37 20080303802 Method and Device for User Interaction
38 20080303749 Active Matrix Array Device
39 20080303687 Ambience Control
40 20080303519 Automatic Selection of a Receiver Element in an Mri Apparatus
41 20080303507 Current Measurement Circuit and Method
42 20080303454 Fluorescent Tube Lamp Drive Circuit
43 20080303452 Led Lighting Device
44 20080303450 Method and Circuit for Driving a Gas Discharge Lamp
45 20080303442 Lamp with Housing Arrangement for the Reduction of Mercury Exposure Towards the Environment in Case of an Explosion of the Burner
46 20080303407 Display Device with Solid State Fluorescent Material
47 20080303351 Coupling System
48 20080302976 Sensor with Improved Signal-to Noise Ratio and Improved Accuracy
49 20080302390 Cleaning a Mask Substrate
50 20080302251 Cartridge, Machine and System for Preparing Beverages
51 20080302250 Tea Making Device Having an Improved Liquid Collection Chamber
52 20080301948 Hair-Cutting Device for Self-Users