Philips Electronics patent applications published on 21 August 2008

73 US patent applications published on 21 August 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080201744 Method and System For Managing Recorded Content Channels
2 20080201153 Generation of Multi-Channel Audio Signals
3 20080200967 Apparatus and Method For Electrostimulation /Sensing in Vivo
4 20080200929 Disc for an Epilating Apparatus Disc Assembly
5 20080200845 Method and Apparatus for Ultrasound Drug Delivery and Thermal Therapy with Phase-Convertible Fluids
6 20080200799 Mri Involving Contrast Agent With Time Modulated Contrast Enhancement
7 20080200792 Belt Device
8 20080200781 Glucose Sensor
9 20080200199 Method and Arrangement For Setting the Transmission of a Mobile Communication Device
10 20080200125 Radio Broadcasting Device
11 20080200085 Textile or Fabric
12 20080199770 Apparatus, System and Method For Battery Connections
13 20080199153 Coding and Decoding Method and Device for Improving Video Error Concealment
14 20080199097 Multi-Feature Time Filtering for Enhancing Structures in Noisy Images
15 20080199064 System and Method For Measuring Left Ventricular Torsion
16 20080199059 Information Enhanced Image Guided Interventions
17 20080199048 Image Processing System and Method for Alignment of Images
18 20080199045 Method and a System For Detecting a Road at Night
19 20080199041 Shaping Classification Boundaries In Template Protection Systems
20 20080199035 In-Ear Phone
21 20080198973 X-Ray Examination Apparatus
22 20080198972 Low-Dose Iso-Centering
23 20080198961 Multiple Input Circuit
24 20080198918 Compression and Decompression Using Corrections of Predicted Values
25 20080198872 Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System With Multiplexed Voice and Image Communication
26 20080198836 Method and Apparatus For Synchronization in Wireless Communication System
27 20080198800 Method and Apparatus for Enhanced Uplink Data Transmission
28 20080198780 Dynamic Bandwidth Sharing
29 20080198727 Optical Pickup Unit for a Desk Drive and Disk Drive Comprising Such an Optical Pick up Unit
30 20080198726 Apparatus and method for recording an information on a recordable optical record carrier using oval spot profile
31 20080198725 Holographic Storage Medium, Method of Manufacturing a Holographic Storage Medium and Method of Reading Data From a Holographic Storage Medium
32 20080198724 Method For Recording Data In Holographic Data Storage Systems
33 20080198723 Method and Apparatus of Controlling Playback of an Optical Disc Program
34 20080198721 Method of Recording Data on a Dual-Layer Optical Write-Once Disc
35 20080198719 Method and Device for Recording Marks in an Information Layer of an Optical Disc
36 20080198711 Power Calibration Method For Visible Label Recording
37 20080198693 Blender Arm and Food Processor
38 20080198634 Resonant Dc/Dc Converter With Zero Current Switching
39 20080198603 Light Source and Illumination Device Comprising at Least One Light-Emitting Element
40 20080198577 Atmosphere Device With User Interface for Light and Fragrance Control
41 20080198573 Illumination System Comprising Color Deficiency Compensating Luminescent Material
42 20080198498 Apparatus and Method for Controlling the Rotation Velocity of an Optical Disc
43 20080198473 Variable Focus Lens
44 20080198438 Optical Element
45 20080198306 Transflective Liquid Crystal Display Device
46 20080198293 Illumination Device For a Display, and Method of Manufacturing the Same
47 20080198292 Lighting Device
48 20080198280 Light Module for Producing Light With a Scattering Pattern that is Electrically Variable and Use thereof as Multiple Purpose Light
49 20080198184 Fast and Interruptible Drive Scheme For Electrosphoretic Displays
50 20080198180 Method and Apparatus of Converting Signals for Driving Display and a Display Using the Same
51 20080198127 Display Apparatus
52 20080198023 Method and Apparatus for Communication with Bystanders in the Event of a Catastrophic Personal Emergency
53 20080198009 Security Lighting System and Method, and Control Unit Therefore
54 20080197949 Actuator Assembly, Method of Driving an Actuator Assembly and Apparatus for Driving an Actuator Assembly
55 20080197930 Digital Amplifier
56 20080197862 Proportional Variable Resistor Structures to Electrically Measure Mask Misalignment
57 20080197848 Rf Volume Coil With Selectable Field of View
58 20080197847 Detuning of an Rf Shielded Mri Scan Room
59 20080197846 Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Several Types of Contrast
60 20080197843 Determination Of Relaxation Rate Changes For Mr Molecular Imaging
61 20080197782 Method and System for Lighting Control
62 20080197781 Visual Feedback For Remote Controlled Light Devcies
63 20080197767 Lamp and Method of Manufacturing a Lamp
64 20080197764 Electroluminescence Light Source
65 20080197761 Electric Lamp
66 20080197432 Microchip Assembly Produced by Transfer Molding
67 20080197386 Semiconductor Device With An Image Sensor And Method For The Manufacture Of Such A Device
68 20080197292 Luminescence Sensor Using Multi-Layer Substrate Structure
69 20080196783 Fully Textile Electrode Lay-Out Allowing Passive and Active Matrix Addressing
70 20080196483 Substrate Material For Analyzing Fluids
71 20080196477 Photo-Acoustic Spectrometer Apparatus
72 20080196282 Method for Controlling an Ironning Temperature During a Steam Ironing Process and a Corresponding Steam Iron
73 20080196252 Hair Cutting Device with Hair Length Indicator Means