Philips Electronics patent applications published on 28 August 2008

158 US patent applications published on 28 August 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080209577 Method of Controlled Access to Content
2 20080209575 License Management in a Privacy Preserving Information Distribution System
3 20080209548 Method of and Circuit for Identifying and/or Verifying Hardware and/or Software of an Appliance and of a Data Carrier Cooperating with the Appliance
4 20080209483 System And Method For Providing Rss Content In A Broadcast System
5 20080209477 Promotion and Degradation of Soft Erasure Information Using Crc and Proceding Decoder Information
6 20080209474 Method And Apparatus For Managing Tv Channel Lists
7 20080209473 Method and Apparatus for Building an Electronic Program Guide Based on Channel Profiles
8 20080209468 Clock-Based User Interface for Audio/Video Play Lists Navigation/Editing
9 20080209461 Small Cartridge Free Optical Disc With High Level of Redundancy and Tolerance For Missing Data
10 20080209459 Optical Disc Device Having a Blocking Means for its Optical Pickup Unit
11 20080209458 Optical Drive Comprising Spindle Adjustment Means
12 20080209456 Method for Preventing Interchange of Optical Information Carriers
13 20080209453 System and Method for Reducing the Start-up Time of Mhp Applications
14 20080209412 Reselling Experienced Agents
15 20080209220 Method of Quantization-Watermarking
16 20080209214 Method of Authentication Based on Polyomials
17 20080209086 Device To Be Used As An Interface Between A User And Target Devices
18 20080208991 Data Processing Arrangement
19 20080208876 Method of and System for Providing Random Access to a Document
20 20080208816 Data Processing Method and System
21 20080208775 Method and Apparatus for Generation of a Sequence of Elements
22 20080208580 Method and Dialog System for User Authentication
23 20080208578 Robust Speaker-Dependent Speech Recognition System
24 20080208272 Dual Battery Arrangement for an Automatic External Defibrillator
25 20080208174 Device for the Controlled Release of a Predefined Quantity of a Substance
26 20080208070 Defibrillator with Automatic Shock First/Cpr First Algorithm
27 20080208063 Patient Monitoring System and Method
28 20080208059 Microbubble Generating Technique For Phase Aberration Correction
29 20080208047 Stylus-Aided Touchscreen Control of Ultrasound Imaging Devices
30 20080208046 Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System With Integrated Network Analyzer
31 20080208045 Optimization of User Settings for an Ultrasonic Imaging System
32 20080208029 Garment Comprising At Least One Dry Electrode
33 20080208028 System and Method for Measuring Bioelectrical Signals of a User
34 20080208022 Laser Optical Feedback Tomography Sensor and Method
35 20080208012 Method and Apparatus for Distinguishing Between Clinically Significant Changes and Artifacts in Patient Physiological Information
36 20080207464 Amplification of Nucleric Acids with Magnetic Detection
37 20080207244 Method for the Transmission of Messages and a Correspondingly Equipped Motor Vehicle
38 20080207238 Transmission Over a Multiple Input Multiple Output Broadcast Channel (Mimo-Bc)
39 20080207237 Communication in Phase Shifted Driven Power Converters
40 20080207189 Remote Control Interface
41 20080207042 Connector for Wearable Electronics
42 20080206892 Rapid Magnetic Biosensor With Integrated Arrival Time Measuremnt
43 20080206687 Method for Determining Optimal Resist Thickness
44 20080206642 Hydrogen Storage Material and Method for Preparation of Such a Material
45 20080206385 High Force Indentation Apparatus With High Accuracy
46 20080206152 In Vivo Expression Profiling
47 20080206104 Accurate Magnetic Biosensor
48 20080205860 Method Of Live Submitting A Digital Signal
49 20080205789 Dynamic Photo Collage
50 20080205757 Method, A System And A Computer Program For Segmenting A Surface In A Multidimensional Dataset
51 20080205731 Noise Model Selection for Emission Tomography
52 20080205730 Independent Motion Correction In Respective Signal Channels Of A Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
53 20080205729 Method And Device For The Iterative Reconstruction Of Tomographic Ilmages
54 20080205728 Apparatus and Method for Providing 2D Representation of 3D Image Data Representing an Anatomical Lumen Tree Structure
55 20080205727 Computed Tomography Method With Helical Relative Movement And Conical Beam Bundle
56 20080205724 Method, an Apparatus and a Computer Program For Segmenting an Anatomic Structure in a Multi-Dimensional Dataset
57 20080205723 Utilizing Physiological Models to Control Functional Acquisitions
58 20080205719 Method of Model-Based Elastic Image Registration For Comparing a First and a Second Image
59 20080205718 Automated Organ Linking for Organ Model Placement
60 20080205716 Image Processing Device and Method
61 20080205710 Motion Detection Device
62 20080205689 Vibrating Element For An Electroacoustic Transducer
63 20080205666 Device For Processing Audio Data, A Method Of Processing Audio Data, A Program Element And A Computer-Readable Medium
64 20080205658 Audio Coding
65 20080205598 Coherent Scatter Computer Tomography Material Identification
66 20080205585 Energy-Resolved Photon Counting For Ct
67 20080205567 Methods and Receives of Data Transmission Using Clock Domains
68 20080205525 Calculating Transformation Parameters For Image Processing
69 20080205521 Dpcm Coding Method of Video Signals
70 20080205518 Image Coder for Regions of Texture
71 20080205497 Assembly Comprising a Wireless-Communication Semiconductor Chip
72 20080205489 Inductive Communication System with Increased Noise Immunity Using Low-Complexity Transmitter
73 20080205488 Differential Phase Coding in Wireless Communication System
74 20080205432 Network-On-Chip Environment and Method For Reduction of Latency
75 20080205353 Generalized ” Evenly Distributed Mas Allocation” Policy to Support Low-Power Uwb Applications
76 20080205307 Transmitting Signals Via at Least Two Hannels Simultaneously
77 20080205254 Content Protection on a Record Carrier
78 20080205250 Operating Optical Drive Using Parameters
79 20080205248 Optimization Spherical Aberration to Determine Current Layer
80 20080205247 Multi-Radiation Beam Optical Scanning Device
81 20080205242 Multi-Radiation Beam Optical Scanning Device
82 20080205241 Optical Head With Switchable Diameter of the Radiation Spot on the Radiation Detector
83 20080205234 Method and Apparatus for Recording on a Multi-Layer Disc
84 20080205233 Predicting Dvd Recordable Recording Parameters in Dual Layer Discs
85 20080205230 Speed-Down During Linking
86 20080205217 Method and Apparatus For Recording on a Multi-Layer Disc
87 20080205210 Apparatus and Method For Determining Write Strategy Parameters For Recording Data on an Optical Record Carrier and For Determining Read Parameters For Reading Data From an Optical Record Carrier
88 20080205208 Optical System With Filtered Push Pull Radial Tracking
89 20080205207 Radial Tracking Method and Apparatus for an Optical Information Carrier Format with Non-Uniformly Spaced Tracks
90 20080205110 Digital Magnetic Current Sensor and Logic
91 20080205081 Luminaire with Stack of Flat Panel Light Guides
92 20080205077 Lighting System Comprising 2D Led Stack
93 20080205075 Light Module For Producing Light With a Scattering Pattern That is Electrically Variable and Use Thereof as a Multiple Purpose Light
94 20080205065 Luminaire and a Lighting Panel for a Luminaire
95 20080205064 Lamp Assembly Comprising a Uv-Enhancer
96 20080205055 Light-Source Module And Holder Therefor
97 20080205035 Light-Source with Fabric Diffusing Layer
98 20080205033 Lighting Apparatus for Biological and Medical Purposes
99 20080205017 Interconnection and Packaging Method for Biomedical Devices with Electronic and Fluid Functions
100 20080204979 Enclosure Assembly
102 20080204890 Electrowetting Element, Lens System, Electronic Device and Driving Method
103 20080204880 Diffractive Optical Structure with a Liquid Interface
104 20080204872 Autostereoscopic Display Apparatus
105 20080204637 Lcd with Reduced Flicker and a Method for Manufacturing Thereof
106 20080204602 Region-Based Motion Estimation Using Dynamic Asoect Ration Of Region
107 20080204550 Stereoscopic Display Apparatus
108 20080204480 Method of Driving Displays Comprising a Conversion from the Rgb Colour Space to the Rgbw Colour Space
109 20080204469 Color Transformation Luminance Correction Method and Device
110 20080204427 Touch Screen with Pressure-Dependent Visual Feedback
111 20080204404 Method of Controlling a Control Point Position on a Command Area and Method For Control of a Device
112 20080204370 Display Device
113 20080204181 System, an Inductive Powering Device, an Energizable Load and a Method of for Enabling a Wireless Power Transfer
114 20080204177 Pendulum Drive System for Personal Care Appliances
115 20080204132 Class-D Amplifier
116 20080204129 Simplified Sallen-Key Low-Pass Filter Circuit
117 20080204063 Testable Intergrated Circuit
118 20080204027 Magnetic Resonance Receive Coil with Dynamic Range Control
119 20080204021 Flexible and Wearable Radio Frequency Coil Garments for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
120 20080204012 Magnetic Tracking System for an Imaging System
121 20080204009 Method of Determining a Spatial Distribution of Magnetic Particles
122 20080203945 Describing Two Led Colors as a Single, Lumped Led Color
123 20080203943 Lighting Device
124 20080203940 Dim Control Circuit Dimming Method and System
125 20080203939 Method and Arrangement for Monitoring a Gas Discharge Lamp
126 20080203938 Block Dimming for Hid Lamps
127 20080203937 Method and a Circuit Arrangement for Operating a High Intensity Discharge Lamp
128 20080203934 Method and Circuit for Enabling Dimming Using Triac Dimmer
129 20080203930 Electroluminescent Display Devices
130 20080203928 Method And System For Lighting Control
131 20080203927 Controlling An Arrangement of Semiconductors Emitting Light of Distinct Colors
132 20080203920 Lamp Having Molybdenum Alloy Lamp Components
133 20080203911 Light Source With Glass Housing
134 20080203903 Oled-Device With Pattered Light Emitting Layer Thickness
135 20080203902 Oled-Device with Patterned Layer Thickness
136 20080203897 Light Source Comprising Led Arranged in Recess
137 20080203892 Illumination System Comprising a Radiation Source and a Luminescent Material
138 20080203891 Dielectric Barrier Discharge Lamp With Protective Coating
139 20080203828 Displacement Device
140 20080203823 Arrangement for Converting Mechanical Energy Into Electrical Energy
141 20080203476 Semiconductor Device Having Strip-Shaped Channel And Method For Manufacturing Such A Device
142 20080203473 Lateral Field-Effect Transistor Having an Insulated Trench Gate Electrode
143 20080203463 Non-Volatile Memory with Erase Gate on Isolation Zones
144 20080203421 Structured Substrate For a Led
145 20080203384 Method of Manufacturing an Electrical Element
146 20080203325 Method of Protecting a Radiation Source Producing Euv-Radiation and/or Soft X-Rays Against Short Circuits
147 20080203309 Digital silicon photomultiplier for TOF-PET
148 20080203275 Luminaire And Light Sensor For Said Luminaire
149 20080203273 System and Method for Controlling a Led Luminary
150 20080203159 Method, Reader and System for Finding Objects
151 20080203158 Presence Check of Objects
152 20080203028 Electroluminescent Device with Iridium Complex
153 20080202365 Method and Device For Transferring a Pattern From a Stamp to a Substrate
154 20080202355 Grating Disk for Food Processor
155 20080202320 Method and Electronic Device for Determining a Characteristic of a Content Item
156 20080202240 Two-Dimensional Adaptive Accelerometer Based on Dielectrophoresis
157 20080201899 Cleaning Apparatus For Releasing and Transporting Particles Away From an Area to be Cleaned
158 20080201849 Patient Handling System Whereby a patient Table Top Can Move Over a Table Base