Philips Electronics patent applications published on 29 May 2008

18 US patent applications published on 29 May 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 20080126519 Automatic Assignment Of A Network Id
2 20080126492 Pinging for the Presence of a Server in a Peer to Peer Monitoring System
3 20080126491 Method for Transmitting Messages from a Sender to a Recipient, a Messaging System and Message Converting Means
4 20080126483 Method for Contesting at Least Two Interactive Systems Against Each Other and an Interactive System Competition Arrangement
5 20080126449 Method of Distributing Data Files and Memory System for Storing Data Files
6 20080126418 Method and Apparatus to Store Content and a Query on a Device
7 20080125873 System And Method Of Configuring A Control System For A Plurality Of Devices
8 20080125652 Method and System for Deriving a Fetal Heart Rate Without the Use of an Electrocardiogram in Non-3d Imaging Applications
9 20080123914 Volume of Interest Selection
10 20080123580 Transferable Wireless Communicator For Data And Voice
11 20080123541 Method For Allocating Data To At Least One Packet In An Integrated Circuit
12 20080123513 Method and a Device for Retrieving a Transport Format Indicator, and Mobile Phone
13 20080123481 Method for Saving ther Keylockers on Optical Discs
14 20080123379 Voltage Regulating Circuit
15 20080122667 Device and Method for Embedding a Secondary Signal in a Primary Data Bit Stream on an Optical Disc
16 20080122635 Interactive Lighting System
17 20080122386 Control Unit for a Lamp Driver Providing Smooth Transition Between Operation Modes
18 20080121825 Electronically Controlled Capsule For Releasing Radiation