Philips Electronics patents granted on 01 May 2012

21 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D658,789 Lamp
2 D658,580 Charger for electric toothbrush
3 D658,381 Handle for electric toothbrush
4 8,171,016 System and method for using content features and metadata of digital images to find related audio accompaniment
5 8,170,887 System and method for providing continuous, expert network care services from a remote location(s) to geographically dispersed healthcare locations
6 8,170,871 Signal coding and decoding
7 8,170,639 Case for defibrillator electrode pads and release liner
8 8,170,317 Automatic iso-centering for rotational angiography
9 8,170,308 Error adaptive functional imaging
10 8,170,210 Device for and a method of processing data stream
11 8,170,209 Extensible disc player
12 8,170,052 Method of operating a network node of a network, a network node, a network system, a computer-readable medium, and a program element
13 8,169,985 Coordinated beacon period (BP) merging for distributed wireless networks
14 8,169,941 QoS scheduling methods for WLANs with heterogenous applications
15 8,169,125 Transducer arrays for medical ultrasound and method of making the same
16 8,168,998 LED with remote phosphor layer and reflective submount
17 8,168,092 Uniaxial pressing and heating apparatus
18 8,167,698 Determining the orientation of an object placed on a surface
19 8,167,434 Light projection system and display device
20 8,166,876 Method and device for transferring a pattern from a stamp to a substrate
21 8,166,681 Soleplate