Philips Electronics patents granted on 02 August 2011

33 US patents granted on 02 August 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D642,763 Trolley for medical equipment
2 D642,727 Luminaire
3 D642,724 Luminaire for road lighting
4 D642,415 Coffee percolator
5 7,991,998 Secure proximity verification of a node on a network
6 7,991,625 System for providing expert care to a basic care medical facility from a remote location
7 7,991,453 Medical viewing system and method for detecting boundary structures
8 7,991,448 Method, apparatus, and system for removing motion artifacts from measurements of bodily parameters
9 7,991,243 Radial adaptive filter for metal artifact correction
10 7,991,118 System and method for providing lateral and frontal X-ray images of a patient
11 7,991,105 Visualization of 3D images in combination with 2D projection images
12 7,991,034 Electrically-pumped semiconductor zigzag extended cavity surface emitting lasers and superluminescent LEDs
13 7,991,011 Identification of changes in broadcast database
14 7,990,837 Optical disc comprising a watermark and a method and recorder for recording such a disc
15 7,990,149 MR involving high speed coil mode switching between I-channel linear, Q-channel linear, quadrature and anti-quadrature modes
16 7,990,145 Digitized MR signal data encoding with dynamically variable bit rate
17 7,990,083 Method and system for variable color lighting
18 7,990,076 Lamp driver circuit and method for driving a discharge lamp
19 7,990,069 Method and circuit for driving a gas discharge lamp
20 7,990,055 Electroluminescent arrangement having detached electrode and method of fabricating the same
21 7,990,054 Organic LED device with electrodes having reduced resistance
22 7,990,041 Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with amalgam capsule having amalgam chamber
23 7,990,038 Segmented dielectric barrier discharge lamp
24 7,990,036 Electric lamp featuring a discharge vessel with pinched seals and mounting members
25 7,989,914 Anti-fuse cell and its manufacturing process
26 7,989,839 Method and apparatus for using light emitting diodes
27 7,989,824 Method of forming a dielectric layer on a semiconductor light emitting device
28 7,989,771 Pinhole SPECT camera with plural detector heads
29 7,989,734 Hair styling appliance
30 7,988,347 Fastening system and lamp having a fastening system
31 7,988,327 LED luminaire
32 7,987,771 Beverage maker, and pump unit and cartridge for use in a beverage maker
33 7,987,544 Brushhead attachment system for a power toothbrush