Philips Electronics patents granted on 02 July 2013

19 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D685,521 Lampshade
2 D685,514 Wake up light
3 8,479,101 Consistent user interface front end for remote user interfaces
4 8,478,606 Electronic agenda with weight management function
5 8,478,262 Method and apparatus for delegating signal quality handover measuring of a user equipment in wireless communication to a neighbouring user equipment
6 8,478,023 Method of measuring geometric variables of a structure contained in an image
7 8,478,014 Apparatus for generating an image of moving object
8 8,477,578 Multi-speed recording for multi-layer disc
9 8,477,311 Filter wheel spectrometer
10 8,477,135 Method and apparatus for volume rendering using depth weighted colorization
11 8,476,594 Temperature compensation circuit for silicon photomultipliers and other single photon counters
12 8,476,593 PET detector system with improved capabilities for quantification
13 8,475,736 Microfluidic device and method of manufacturing the same and sensor incorporating the same
14 8,475,734 Filtering apparatus for filtering a fluid
15 8,475,442 Ultrasonic assembly with adjustable fluid lens
16 8,475,145 Micro-fluidic systems based on actuator elements
17 8,475,033 Luminescent object comprising aligned polymers having a specific pretilt angle
18 8,475,010 Illumination device comprising a collimator
19 8,475,008 Integrated sleeve and cap unit optically screens light source and intercepts light rays in a lighting unit with a reflector