Philips Electronics patents granted on 03 January 2012

11 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D651,747 Hair clipper
2 D651,746 Three head dry shaver
3 D651,585 Baby unit for babyphone
4 D651,584 Parent unit for babyphone
5 8,090,427 Methods for ultrasound visualization of a vessel with location and cycle information
6 8,090,357 Method of distributing the location data of a mobile device
7 8,089,832 Method and apparatus for immediately writing or reading files on a disc-like recording medium having control information on defect management
8 8,089,281 Doubly resonant high field radio frequency surface coils for magnetic resonance
9 8,089,221 Supervision of an illumination device
10 8,089,091 Semiconductor light emitting device with a contact formed on a textured surface
11 8,087,966 Method for the thermal treatment of tungsten electrodes free from thorium oxide for high-pressure discharge lamps