Philips Electronics patents granted on 04 January 2011

24 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D630,368 Luminaire
2 D630,355 OLED lamp
3 D630,190 Remote control unit
4 D630,189 Remote control unit
5 D630,188 Remote control unit
6 7,865,524 Method of capturing scene and recorder with means of performing this method
7 7,865,238 High-voltage module for an external defibrillator
8 7,865,068 Device and method for recording information
9 7,865,059 Device and method for recording information including realtime data in accordance with a predefined recording format
10 7,865,058 Apparatus for receiving a digital information signal comprising a first video signal producing images of a first size, and a second video signal producing images of a second size smaller than the first size
11 7,865,005 Iterative reconstruction of multiple-peak isotope images
12 7,865,001 System and method for predicting physical properties of an aneurysm from a three-dimensional model thereof
13 7,864,993 Device and method for correcting defects in x-ray images
14 7,864,917 Imaging apparatus using distributed x-ray souces and method thereof
15 7,864,645 Method and device for recording marks in an information layer of an optical record carrier
16 7,864,644 Optical storage medium reading/writing method and device with improved reliability
17 7,864,631 Method of and system for determining distances between loudspeakers
18 7,864,204 Display system
19 7,863,642 Light emitting diodes and lasers diodes with color converters
20 7,863,631 A1InGaP LED having reduced temperature dependence
21 7,863,591 Radiation system and lithographic apparatus comprising the same
22 7,863,022 Amplification of nucleic acids with magnetic detection
23 7,862,511 Ultrasound imaging method and apparatus
24 7,861,440 Ironingboard adustable in height