Philips Electronics patents granted on 06 December 2011

15 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D650,134 Strap for face mask
2 D650,111 Luminaire
3 D650,107 OLED reading lamp
4 8,073,871 Nearest neighbor recommendation method and system
5 8,073,685 Audio signal encoding or decoding
6 8,073,292 Directional hole filling in images
7 8,073,109 Method and system for pet image reconstruction using a surogate image
8 8,072,893 Integrated circuit with data communication network and IC design method
9 8,072,301 Superconductive magnet system for a magnetic resonance examination system
10 8,072,215 Magnetic resonance device and method
11 8,072,211 Multi-channel magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
12 8,071,963 Debris mitigation system and lithographic apparatus
13 8,070,677 Method and apparatus for distinguishing between clinically significant changes and artifacts in patient physiological information
14 8,070,328 LED downlight
15 8,069,701 Device for manufacturing a mould for use in the manufacture of an optical element comprising optical sub-elements mutually arranged in a pattern