Philips Electronics patents granted on 07 June 2011

19 US patents granted on 07 June 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 RE42,428 Method of and device for generating an image having a desired brightness
2 D639,486 Luminaire
3 D639,485 Luminaire
4 D639,484 Luminaire
5 D639,276 Remote control unit
6 7,958,542 Methods and devices for counting user equipment units in a mobile radio telecommunication network
7 7,958,207 Method of installing software for enabling a connection of a phone to an interconnected network
8 7,957,572 Image processing device and method
9 7,957,542 Adaptive beamformer, sidelobe canceller, handsfree speech communication device
10 7,957,236 Device and method for recording information with reorganization of defect management information
11 7,957,219 Method and apparatus for elevation focus control of acoustic waves
12 7,956,877 Converting a three primary color input signal into four signals
13 7,956,826 Electroluminescent display device to display low brightness uniformly
14 7,956,820 Combined single/multiple view-display
15 7,956,714 High voltage transformer
16 7,955,558 Device for testing a fluid
17 7,954,961 Method for driving a high-pressure gas discharge lamp of a projector system
18 7,954,425 Grating disk for food processor
19 7,954,243 Hair cutting apparatus