Philips Electronics patents granted on 08 June 2010

21 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D617,489 Luminaire
2 7,734,680 Method and apparatus for realizing personalized information from multiple information sources
3 7,734,473 Method and apparatus for time scaling of a signal
4 7,734,144 Method and apparatus for editing source video to provide video image stabilization
5 7,734,017 Anti-scatter-grid for a radiation detector
6 7,734,014 Extreme UV and soft X ray generator
7 7,733,914 Method of, and system for, communicating data, and a station for transmitting data
8 7,733,337 Circuit for signal amplification and use of the same in active matrix devices
9 7,733,036 Method and circuit for driving gas discharge lamps using a single inverter
10 7,733,033 Lighting unit with multiple light sources of a different color temperature
11 7,733,027 High-pressure mercury vapor lamp incorporating a predetermined germanium to oxygen molar ratio within its discharge fill
12 7,733,026 Lamp with an improved lamp behaviour
13 7,732,789 Optical system having a cleaning arrangement
14 7,732,753 Illumination system having a light-transmissive plate with surface-modification structures
15 7,732,231 Method of forming a dielectric layer on a semiconductor light emitting device
16 7,731,390 Illumination system with multiple sets of light sources
17 7,731,389 Light source comprising light-emitting clusters
18 7,731,388 High efficiency LED light source arrangement
19 7,731,387 Lighting device with user interface for light control
20 7,731,370 Projection system and method for operating a discharge lamp
21 7,730,569 Disposable head portion for a nodally mounted rotating toothbrush