Philips Electronics patents granted on 09 April 2013

26 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D679,825 Sterilizer
2 D679,809 Headgear clip for a nasal mask assembly
3 8,418,201 System and method for reproducing and displaying information
4 8,418,035 Method and system of single carrier block transmission with parallel encoding and decoding
5 8,417,491 3D tool path planning, simulation and control system
6 8,417,358 System for binding controller to controlled substations
7 8,417,323 Apparatus for depth-resolved measurements of properties of tissue
8 8,417,319 Visualization and quantization of newly formed vasculature
9 8,417,307 Blood oximeter
10 8,417,215 Method for positioning of wireless medical devices with short-range radio frequency technology
11 8,416,832 Switchable dual wavelength solid state laser
12 8,416,800 Multi-carrier allocation using reciprocal nature of uplink and downlink in time division duplex to use just uplink pilots
13 8,416,713 Use of decision trees for automatic commissioning
14 8,416,579 Electronic assembly for attachment to a fabric substrate, electronic textile, and method of manufacturing such an electronic textile
15 8,416,424 Laser self-mixing measuring device
16 8,416,210 Image display that moves physical objects and causes tactile sensation
17 8,416,102 Activity monitoring system insensitive to accelerations induced by external motion factors
18 8,415,868 High-pressure discharge lamp and a method of manufacturing a high-pressure discharge lamp
19 8,415,656 Light emitting device with trenches and a top contact
20 8,415,635 Particle-counting apparatus with pulse shortening
21 8,415,629 Composite scintillator including a micro-electronics photo-resist
22 8,414,566 Photo-epilation device
23 8,414,162 Light guide and light-output device
24 8,414,155 LED luminaire
25 8,414,141 Luminaire for illuminating a space underneath a ceiling or a canopy, and method of illuminating such a space
26 8,413,969 Nodal spring assembly for an electronic toothbrush