Philips Electronics patents granted on 09 August 2011

15 US patents granted on 09 August 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,996,859 Optical disc device protecting the optical pickup unit during ejection by a catch member of a tray displacing a catch surface of the optical pickup unit
2 7,995,911 Matching led flash to camera’s ambient light compensation algorithm
3 7,995,583 Apparatus and method for announcing a pending QoS service schedule to a wireless station
4 7,995,441 Real time power control for optical recording drives
5 7,994,723 Lighting system and method for controlling a plurality of light sources
6 7,994,709 OLED device employing a metal thin-film connected to a high-current cable
7 7,994,530 Light emitting diode module
8 7,994,529 LED with molded bi-directional optics
9 7,994,514 Semiconductor light emitting device with integrated electronic components
10 7,994,468 Method of measuring relative movement in two dimensions of an object and an optical input device using a single self-mixing laser
11 7,993,167 Shielded electrode connector
12 7,993,067 Structural arrangement for a fluid-dispensing power toothbrush
13 7,993,037 Recessed light fixture with a movable junction box
14 7,992,567 System and method for percutaneous glossoplasty
15 D643,139 Luminaire