Philips Electronics patents granted on 10 April 2012

17 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 8,155,925 Disposable assay device with removables modules and remote data transfer system
2 8,155,422 Dynamic optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio of dual-energy attenuation data for reconstructing images
3 8,155,418 Automatic generation of optimal views for computed tomography thoracic diagnosis
4 8,155,302 Acoustic echo canceller
5 8,155,264 Gated computed tomography
6 8,155,168 Inductive communication system with increased noise immunity using low-complexity transmitter
7 8,155,141 System, apparatus, and method for a two-stage mechanism for quiet period management in spectrum agile radio networks
8 8,155,101 Method and arrangement for wireless communication of signals in a MR system
9 8,154,965 Method and device for retrieving information from an optical record carrier at various reading speeds
10 8,154,631 Compensation of leakage current and residual signals for integrating detector based on direct X-ray conversion
11 8,154,276 Method and arrangement for locating magnetic markers in a region of action
12 8,154,052 Light emitting device grown on wavelength converting substrate
13 8,154,042 Light emitting device with trenches and a top contact
14 8,153,354 Sealed cell structure
15 8,153,025 Red emitting luminescent materials
16 8,152,083 Apparatus for preparing food
17 8,151,467 Cutter member for a rotary shaver, method for making such a member and rotary shaver provided therewith