Philips Electronics patents granted on 10 February 2009

18 US patents granted on 10 February 2009 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,490,288 Previewing documents on a computer system
2 7,490,178 Threshold on unblocking a processing node that is blocked due data packet passing
3 7,489,972 Method of detecting when electrode pads have been handled or removed from their package
4 7,489,962 Jumping around the center of k-space in annular sequential steps
5 7,489,798 Method and apparatus for detecting a watermark in a signal
6 7,489,792 Generation of a sound signal
7 7,489,791 A/D converter with integrated biasing for a microphone
8 7,489,659 Method and system for connecting mobile client devices to the internet
9 7,489,567 FIFO memory device with non-volatile storage stage
10 7,489,448 Optical scanning device
11 7,489,405 Optical coherence tomography
12 7,489,350 Unit for and method of sharpness enhancement
13 7,489,313 Method of segmenting a three-dimensional data set allowing user corrections
14 7,489,258 Device and method for embedding a secondary signal in a primary data bit stream on an optical disc
15 7,489,142 Proximity sensor for X-ray apparatus
16 7,489,082 Xenon lamps having enhanced light output and elliptical envelope
17 7,489,081 Light burner and method for manufacturing a light burner
18 7,488,669 Method to make markers for double gate SOI processing