Philips Electronics patents granted on 10 January 2012

17 US patents granted on 10 January 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D652,169 Hair clipper
2 D652,018 Notebook speaker
3 8,095,381 Remote patient support and care by relatives
4 8,095,242 Method for controlling the operation of a device for dispensing hot liquid
5 8,094,998 Device for making a beverage, provided with a water boiler
6 8,094,895 Point subselection for fast deformable point-based imaging
7 8,094,893 Segmentation tool for identifying flow regions in an image system
8 8,094,772 Reconstruction unit for reconstructing a fine reproduction of at least a part of an object
9 8,094,598 Method of operating a radio station
10 8,094,466 Resonant converter
11 8,094,311 Spectroscopic method of determining the amount of an analyte in a mixture of analytes
12 8,093,900 Ultra wide band wireless radio transmission in MRI systems involving channel estimation
13 8,093,817 Method and system for lighting control
14 8,093,815 High-pressure discharge lamp having a ceramic discharge vessel directly sealed to a rod
15 8,093,789 Light output device
16 8,092,037 Fluorescent light fixture retrofit kit
17 8,091,694 Actuator arrangement for active vibration isolation comprising an inertial reference mass