Philips Electronics patents granted on 12 August 2008

10 US patents granted on 12 August 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,412,549 Processing system and method for communicating data
2 7,412,379 Time-scale modification of signals
3 7,412,278 Method for simulation of an electric stimulation in an MR imaging system
4 7,412,202 Method and apparatus for generating recommendations based on user preferences and environmental characteristics
5 7,412,151 Detection of a watermark in a compressed video signal
6 7,412,001 Video coding method and corresponding transmittable video signal
7 7,411,928 Simplified decoder for a bit interleaved COFDM-MIMO system
8 7,411,814 Programmable magnetic memory device FP-MRAM
9 7,411,491 Method of controlling wireless data transmission by switching between short-range and long-range radio technologies
10 7,410,592 Stamp for use in a lithographic process, method of manufacturing a stamp, and method of manufacturing a patterned layer on a substrate