Philips Electronics patents granted on 12 February 2013

27 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D676,197 Handle for total body shaver
2 D676,177 Luminaire for road lighting
3 D676,176 Luminaire for road lighting
4 D676,175 Luminaire for road lighting
5 D676,174 Luminaire for road lighting
6 D676,173 Luminaire for road lighting
7 D676,172 Luminaire for road lighting
8 D676,171 Light column
9 D675,877 Drinking cup
10 D675,860 Coffee maker
11 D675,859 Coffee maker
12 8,374,880 System for automatically creating a lighting atmosphere based on a keyword input
13 8,374,685 System, computer-readable medium, method, and use for combined epithelial early cancer diagnosis and staging
14 8,374,409 Method for optically imaging an interior of a turbid medium, method for reconstructing an image of an interior of a turbid medium, device for imaging an interior of a turbid medium, medical image acquisition device and computer program
15 8,374,344 Coding
16 8,373,923 Illuminator having a spatial light modulator
17 8,373,628 Active matrix display devices
18 8,373,366 User interface for scene setting control with light balance
19 8,373,194 Support module for a solid state light source, a lighting device comprising such a module, and a method for manufacturing such a lighting device
20 8,373,134 Electrical isolation of X-ray semiconductor imager pixels
21 8,373,132 Radiation detector with a stack of scintillator elements and photodiode arrays
22 8,373,130 Protection of hygroscopic scintillators
23 8,372,462 Device and method for frothing a liquid
24 8,371,728 Control module for a lighting system, lighting system and light module for a lighting system
25 8,371,726 Recessed luminaire with a reflector
26 8,371,713 Illumination device for pixelated illumination
27 8,371,307 Methods and devices for the treatment of airway obstruction, sleep apnea and snoring