Philips Electronics patents granted on 13 May 2008

18 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,373,601 Object transfer method with format adaptation
2 7,373,600 DICOM to XML generator
3 7,373,596 Precise UML modeling framework of the DICOM information model
4 7,373,591 Binary format for MPEG-7 instances
5 7,373,449 Apparatus and method for communicating in an integrated circuit
6 7,373,336 Content augmentation based on personal profiles
7 7,373,296 Method and apparatus for classifying a spectro-temporal interval of an input audio signal, and a coder including such an apparatus
8 7,373,079 Method and an apparatus for stream conversion, a method and an apparatus for data recording, and data recording medium
9 7,373,010 Method and device for post-processing digital images
10 7,372,983 Method for automatic branch labeling
11 7,372,376 System of converting information words to a signal
12 7,372,271 Main magnet perforated eddy current shield for a magnetic resonance imaging device
13 7,372,265 Compensation of magnetic field disturbances due to vibrations in an MRI system
14 7,372,207 Lamp and method of manufacturing a lamp
15 7,372,196 Plasma display screen comprising a green phosphor
16 7,370,987 Display panel comprising a light guide plate
17 7,370,789 Variable field-of-view gradient coil system for magnetic resonance imaging
18 7,370,656 Method and arrangement for influencing magnetic particles and detecting interfering material