Philips Electronics patents granted on 13 November 2012

18 US patents granted on 13 November 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 8,312,289 Template renewal in helper data systems
2 8,312,174 Protocol converter for wireless patient monitoring
3 8,312,166 Proximity detection method
4 8,312,160 Wireless sensor node architecture with autonomous streaming
5 8,311,821 Parameterized temporal feature analysis
6 8,311,809 Converting decoded sub-band signal into a stereo signal
7 8,311,675 Method of controlling an autonomous device
8 8,311,609 MRI thermometry involving phase mapping and reference medium used as phase reference
9 8,311,310 Methods and apparatus to integrate systematic data scaling into genetic algorithm-based feature subset selection
10 8,311,233 Position sensing using loudspeakers as microphones
11 8,310,938 Detecting and discriminating between interference caused by different wireless technologies
12 8,310,508 Method and device for providing privacy on a display
13 8,310,413 Electroluminescent display devices
14 8,310,149 Transparent OLED device employing a mirror layer having a pattern of nontransparent and transparent zones
15 8,310,144 Illumination system and display device
16 8,308,641 Biometric monitor with electronics disposed on or in a neck collar
17 8,308,640 System for automatic continuous and reliable patient identification for association of wireless medical devices to patients
18 8,307,740 Cutter unit for a rotary shaver, method for making such a unit and rotary shaver provided therewith