Philips Electronics patents granted on 13 October 2009

21 US patents granted on 13 October 2009 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,603,610 Coding a video data stream with unequal error protection based activity
2 7,603,559 Real-time signature embedding in video
3 7,603,159 Method for transcutaneous catheter guiding
4 7,603,154 Non-invasive left ventricular volume determination
5 7,602,926 Stationary spectral power dependent audio enhancement system
6 7,602,922 Multi-channel encoder
7 7,602,694 Dual-stack optical data storage medium and use of such medium
8 7,602,691 Diffractive part
9 7,602,682 Method and apparatus for determining an optimum power level
10 7,602,676 Method for recording a lead-out on an optical disc
11 7,602,570 Motor power controller for a disk drive, disk drive comprising a motor power controller and method for controlling the motor power of a disk drive
12 7,602,387 Electroluminescent display devices
13 7,602,229 High frequency control of a semiconductor switch
14 7,602,188 System of electric coils for transmitting and receiving radio-frequency magnetic fields in a magnetic-resonance imaging apparatus, and magnetic-resonance imaging apparatus provided with such a system of electric coils
15 7,602,187 Integrated power supply for surface coils
16 7,602,186 RF coil system for an MRI system with a fixed coil and with a moving coil part below the patient support
17 7,602,112 Assembly of a capped high-pressure discharge lamp and a lamp holder
18 7,601,961 X-ray image detector
19 7,601,014 High-voltage rubber cone plug-in connector
20 D602,188 Luminaire
21 D602,187 Luminaire