Philips Electronics patents granted on 14 April 2009

16 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,519,759 Pipeline synchronisation device
2 7,519,538 Audio signal encoding or decoding
3 7,519,155 Device and method for adjusting imaging parameters of an X-ray apparatus
4 7,519,033 System and method for measurement report time stamping to ensure reference time correctness
5 7,519,032 Apparatus and method for providing QoS service schedule and bandwidth allocation to a wireless station
6 7,518,663 Display device with multi-grooved light direction element and first and second alternating illuminated light sources simultaneously switched for 2D display and synchronously switched for 3D display
7 7,518,584 Method of displaying an image on a color display
8 7,518,318 Circuit for a gas-discharge lamp
9 7,518,314 Red-colored electric lamp
10 7,518,300 Method and device for the generation of a plasma through electric discharge in a discharge space
11 7,518,285 Starting-process controller for starting a piezomotor
12 7,518,102 Calibration method and apparatus for pixilated solid state detector
13 7,518,054 Audio reproduction apparatus, method, computer program
14 7,517,344 Device for treating human skin by means of radiation
15 7,516,567 Steam ironing device having vortex generation elements for obtaining vortices in the steam flow
16 7,516,566 Steam iron having a lightweight soleplate and flat resistive heating tracks for heating the soleplate