Philips Electronics patents granted on 16 April 2013

23 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 8,424,064 Distributed device revocation
2 8,424,062 Advanced access control for medical ad hoc body sensor networks
3 8,423,381 Patient monitor with integrated closed loop controller
4 8,423,356 Method of deriving a set of features for an audio input signal
5 8,423,129 Method and apparatus for inductively measuring the bio-impedance of a user’s body
6 8,423,120 Method and apparatus for positioning a biopsy needle
7 8,423,119 Marker tracking and accuracy verification for interventional magnetic resonance by measuring magnetic field inhomogeneity and determining a noise figure of merit
8 8,423,118 Model-based differential diagnosis of dementia and interactive setting of level of significance
9 8,422,801 Image encoding method for stereoscopic rendering
10 8,422,749 Method and system for myocardial region of interest definition
11 8,422,580 Method of and apparatus for space-time-frequency coding
12 8,422,421 Automatic cancellation of BP merger in multi-band OFDM alliance (MBOA) ultra wide band (UWB) systems
13 8,422,349 Method and device to improve start-up performance of a multi-layer optical disc
14 8,422,338 System for variably refracting ultrasound and/or light
15 8,422,007 Optical measurement device with reduced contact area
16 8,421,723 Stereoscopic display apparatus
17 8,421,462 Sinusoidally resonant radio frequency volume coils for high field magnetic resonance applications
18 8,421,000 Beam shaping without introducing divergence within a light beam
19 8,419,652 Non invasive analysis of body sounds
20 8,419,644 Cordless charger for a wearable patient monitor
21 8,419,637 Sizing and positioning technology for an in-the-ear multi-measurement sensor to enable NIBP calculation
22 8,418,693 Method and device for evaluation of spirographic and gas exchange data
23 8,418,300 Reciprocating workpiece device with a drive system seeking the resonance of the driven system portion thereof