Philips Electronics patents granted on 17 April 2012

17 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D657,912 Attachment for hair clipper
2 D657,740 Stand for three head dry shaver
3 D657,565 Brush head for electric toothbrush
4 8,161,533 Just-in-time authentication of users of a digital home network
5 8,161,039 Automatic personal play list generation based on external factors such as weather, financial market, media sales or calendar data
6 8,160,888 Generation of multi-channel audio signals
7 8,160,675 Retrospective sorting of 4D CT into breathing phases based on geometric analysis of imaging fiducials
8 8,160,337 Imaging system for the generation of high-quality X-ray projections
9 8,160,332 Model-based coronary centerline localization
10 8,159,454 LED string driver with shift register and level shifter
11 8,159,223 RF coil for use in an MR imaging system
12 8,159,155 Light emitting unit arrangement and control system and method thereof
13 8,159,150 Method and apparatus for light intensity control
14 8,159,126 Light emitting device with an improved CaAlSiN light converting material
15 8,158,916 Color controlled light source and a method for controlling color generation in a light source
16 8,158,398 Microelectronic sensor device
17 8,157,414 LED optical assembly