Philips Electronics patents granted on 17 January 2012

17 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D652,560 Lighting apparatus
2 8,099,059 Method and circuit arrangement for operating multi-channel transmit/recieve antenna devices
3 8,098,973 Method of setting a system time clock at the start of an MPEG sequence
4 8,098,919 Three-dimensional reconstruction of an object from projection photographs
5 8,098,771 Receiver apparatus and method for receiving data units over a channel
6 8,098,692 Method and apparatus for high speed LVDS communication
7 8,098,149 Wireless patient parameter sensors for use in MRI
8 8,098,129 Identification system and method of operating same
9 8,097,894 LED with molded reflective sidewall coating
10 8,097,463 Use of arylboronic acids in protein labelling
11 8,097,347 Light-emitting electrochemical cell
12 8,097,092 Method of cleaning and after treatment of optical surfaces in an irradiation unit
13 8,096,947 Quantification and display of cardiac chamber wall thickening
14 8,096,691 Optical irradiation device
15 8,096,303 Airway implants and methods and devices for insertion and retrieval
16 8,096,302 Devices, systems, and methods to fixate tissue within the regions of the body, such as the pharyngeal conduit
17 8,096,229 Method of detecting the absence of coffee beans in a coffee grinder of a coffee machine and coffee maker for performing the method