Philips Electronics patents granted on 19 June 2012

20 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D662,253 Luminaire
2 D662,252 Luminaire
3 D662,251 Luminaire
4 D662,250 Luminaire
5 D662,249 Luminaire
6 D662,248 Luminaire
7 D662,247 Luminaire
8 D662,246 Luminaire
9 D662,075 Parent unit for babyphone
10 D661,930 Stand for electric toothbrush
11 8,204,579 Device and method for determining a concentration-related quantity of a fluorescent contrast agent applied to a turbid medium
12 8,204,317 Method and device for automatic generation of summary of a plurality of images
13 8,203,912 CMUTs with a high-k dielectric
14 8,203,522 Method and device for driving an image display apparatus and controlling a display backlight based on content
15 8,203,284 Driving light emitting diodes
16 8,203,257 Vehicle headlamp that produces a lower intensity light beam above the light/dark cutoff line
17 8,203,161 Wavelength converted semiconductor light emitting device
18 8,203,153 III-V light emitting device including a light extracting structure
19 8,202,742 Color control by alteration of wavelength converting element
20 8,202,741 Method of bonding a semiconductor device using a compliant bonding structure