Philips Electronics patents granted on 21 August 2012

9 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D665,779 Remote control unit
2 8,249,462 Lighting system with lighting units using optical communication
3 8,249,213 Calibration method for ring artifact correction in non-ideal isocentric 3D rotational X-ray scanner systems using a calibration phantom based rotation center finding algorithm
4 8,247,983 Lamp driving circuit
5 8,247,828 Illumination device, particularly with luminescent ceramics
6 8,246,235 Illumination system for luminaires and display device
7 8,246,233 Illumination system for illuminating a display device, and display device
8 8,246,212 LED optical assembly
9 8,245,404 Inner cutter with cutter blades at different radii, method for manufacturing such unit, shaver head and rotary shaver provided therewith