Philips Electronics patents granted on 21 May 2013

14 US patents granted on 21 May 2013 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D683,068 Holder for inspection lamp
2 D683,012 Nebulizer
3 8,448,240 Role-based access control
4 8,448,077 Decision support systems for guideline and knowledge navigation over different levels of abstraction of the guidelines
5 8,447,626 System and method for context dependent service discovery for mobile medical devices
6 8,447,384 Method and system for performing biopsies
7 8,447,372 Monitoring a vital parameter of a patient with “in-situ” modulation scheme to avoid interference
8 8,447,141 Method and device for generating a depth map
9 8,447,096 Method and device for processing a depth-map
10 8,446,865 Multi-channel directional devices with beacons
11 8,446,744 Method for controlling a switching device of a resonant power converter, especially in order to provide a required power, especially for an X-ray generator
12 8,446,502 Time domain multiplexing for imaging using time delay and integration sensors
13 8,446,408 3D-2D adaptive shape model supported motion compensated reconstruction
14 8,443,532 Steam iron