Philips Electronics patents granted on 22 February 2011

26 US patents granted on 22 February 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D633,083 Speaker
2 D632,917 Milk frothing machine
3 7,895,610 System and method for displaying information on the screen of a user interface device under the control of a digital audio playback device
4 7,895,391 Method for recording information on a record medium, record medium containing information, and method and device for reading information from a record medium
5 7,895,138 Device and a method to process audio data, a computer program element and computer-readable medium
6 7,894,709 Video abstracting
7 7,894,688 Method for creating an icon, representing a group of images, computer system, computer program product and a data carrier arranged for performing the method
8 7,894,576 Spectral computed tomography using correlated photon number and energy measurements
9 7,894,572 Multi-tube imaging system reconstruction
10 7,894,570 Automatic dose adaptation as a function of patient body mass index in CT calcium scoring
11 7,894,569 Medical X-ray examination apparatus for performing K-edge imaging
12 7,894,568 Energy distribution reconstruction in CT
13 7,894,474 Remote control of an electronic device through downloading of a control interface of the electronic device in a mobile station
14 7,894,405 Method to achieve fast active scan in 802.11 WLAN
15 7,894,050 Method and apparatus for determining intensities and peak wavelengths of light
16 7,894,000 Dominant color extraction using perceptual rules to produce ambient light derived from video content
17 7,893,661 Driver circuit arrangement
18 7,893,632 LED luminaire with optical feedback by image mapping on segmented light sensors
19 7,893,631 White light luminaire with adjustable correlated colour temperature
20 7,893,623 High-intensity discharge lamp
21 7,892,817 Magnetic rotation to improve signal-over-background in biosensing
22 7,892,493 Fluid sample transport device with reduced dead volume for processing, controlling and/or detecting a fluid sample
23 7,891,852 Illumination system using phosphor remote from light source
24 7,891,844 High performance LED lamp system
25 7,891,836 Semiconductor light-emitting device with improved heatsinking
26 7,891,822 Handheld projection device