Philips Electronics patents granted on 22 September 2009

11 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,594,244 Program recommendation system
2 7,594,125 Power management in an IEEE 802.11 IBSS using an end of ATIM frame and a dynamically determined ATIM period
3 7,594,052 Integrated circuit and method of communication service mapping
4 7,593,617 Optical waveguide
5 7,593,592 Method of detecting blocking artifacts
6 7,593,567 Transformation structures for approximating color matching functions
7 7,593,554 System and method for comparing ultrasound images corresponding to two user-selected data points
8 7,593,103 Light intensity measuring method and electronic device
9 7,591,962 Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp comprising UV-A phosphor
10 7,591,597 Method of moving a device provided with a camera to a desired position by means of a control system, and such a system
11 7,591,217 Beverage device for making a beverage with a foam layer on top