Philips Electronics patents granted on 24 August 2010

15 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D622,446 Hair clipper
2 D622,441 End caps for a luminaire
3 7,783,978 Information processing device
4 7,783,451 Arrangement and method for ascertaining whether a set of measurements is acceptable for use in determining a time of flight of signals
5 7,783,357 Dual battery arrangement for an automated external defibrillator
6 7,783,278 Installation of a personal emergency response system
7 7,782,999 Systems and methods for scanning and data acquisition in computed tomography (CT) applications
8 7,782,997 Reconstruction algorithm for object point outside the scan-field-of-view
9 7,782,723 Optimum tracking error compensation for improved optical disk playability
10 7,782,720 Method for driving an actuator, actuator drive, and apparatus comprising an actuator
11 7,781,665 Sound synthesis
12 7,781,296 Integrated circuit comprising a capacitor with metal electrodes and process for fabricating such a capacitor
13 7,779,749 Device for preparing a beverage suitable for human consumption with a fine-bubble foam layer
14 7,779,565 Ironing appliance comprising identification means for identifying the fabric type of articles to be ironed
15 7,779,564 Boiler system for use with a steaming device