Philips Electronics patents granted on 24 January 2012

14 US patents granted on 24 January 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D653,010 Trolley for medical equipment
2 D652,984 Lamp
3 D652,978 Luminaire for road lighting
4 D652,967 Luminaire
5 D652,820 Remote control unit
6 D652,626 Brush head for electric toothbrush
7 8,103,777 Device and a method for sharing resources in a network of peers
8 8,103,609 Knowledge-based input region of interest definition for pharmacokinetic modeling
9 8,103,215 Method of establishing a direct communication between a first wireless phone and a second wireless phone
10 8,103,023 Apparatus and method for acoustic beamforming
11 8,102,759 Sensor network
12 8,102,636 Magnetic field generation device
13 8,101,930 Method of increasing the operation lifetime of a collector optics arranged in an irradiation device
14 8,100,545 Wireless convenience lighting system and method of making same